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== Synopsis Blurb==
The episode started off with {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr|friends}} walking through the woods, {{AP|Aipom}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} walking outside of their [[Poké Ball]]s<!--http://www. Ash was ready and raring to go to fight {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}} -the {{DL|Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Pyramid}}. Finally, after a long while in the woods, Ash and the others made it out and to a field.-jungle/-->
<i>On the way to Fennel Valley, Ash's Aipom scampers away and runs into a Weavile with an attitude. Aipom's up for a battle, but Weavile deals it a harsh defeat! Luckily, Ash and his friends meet a passing wilderness guardian named Kerrigan, who lets Aipom rest at his home. Kerrigan explains that the Weavile belonged to a local group of Weavile and Sneasel, but now it's alone and challenges any Trainer's Pokémon it sees. Ash resolves to help Kerrigan find the stray Weavile before anyone else is hurt.
EveryoneTeam decidedRocket wants to takefind aWeavile, restbut whileonce Aipomthey anddo, Pikachuit's ran off to play. Aipom,not interested in thejoining flowers,their wanderedgang. offAsh and gothis lostfriends andcan't cameseem face-to-face withget athrough wildto {{p|Weavile}}. Thethe Weavile, challengedeither. Aipom toThen a [[PokémonSneasel battle|battle]]shows andup proceededon tothe usescene, {{m|Shadow Ball}};and the explosiontruth alertedcomes theout! gangThe thatstray AipomWeavile was inleader trouble. Onceof the gangWeavile caughtand up toSneasel Aipomgroup, {{an|May}}until scanned theanother Weavile withcame herand [[Pokédex]].beat Ashit askedin ifa thebattle Weavilefor wantsleadership. to battleHowever, tothe whichnew itleader repliedturned without anotherto Shadowbe Ball.a The gang moves out of harms waybully, onlyand toso beSneasel attackedleft bythe anothergroup Shadowas Ballwell.
AshThat's angrily battledwhen the Weavile, makingleader hisshows up to Pikachubring useSneasel {{m|Thunderbolt}}back. WeavileAsh dodgedchallenges the attackstray swiftlyWeavile andto usedstand yetup anotherfor Shadowitself Ball.and Pikachuhelp tried to dodgeSneasel, butand gotboth caughtWeavile indecide theto explosionbattle. AipomThe quicklystray coveredWeavile forcomes Pikachu.out Ashthe orderedwinner Aipomand tobecomes useleader {{m|Swift}},once butagain. WeavileThe dodged.losing AshPokémon toldwon't Aipombe toleft useout {{m|Doublein Team}}the andcold gothis intotime, anotherbecause Swift.Sneasel Onceasks Aipomboth wasWeavile closeto enough,cooperate shewith usedeach Swiftother—and again.they Still,agree! WeavileNow wasthe ableforest towill dodgeonce itagain andbe wentat straightpeace, intoand aour Shadowheroes Ballcan attack,continue [[Animetheir physics|hurtingjourney Aipom]].to AipomAsh's wasrematch immediatelywith knocked out.Brandon!</i>
The gang looked to see Weavile was gone. A man ran over, asking if they were okay. He saw Aipom and said he had a hut in the woods; a nice place for Aipom to rest. The gang followed him.==Plot==
The episode starts off with {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} walking through the woods, with {{AP|Aipom}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} walking outside of their {{i|Poké Ball}}s. Ash is ready and raring to go to battle {{FB|Pyramid King|Brandon}} of the [[Battle Pyramid]], despite the long walk to get there. Finally, after a long while in the woods, Ash and the others make it out into a field.
Meanwhile,Everyone [[Teamdecides Rocket]]to weretake eatinga theirrest ricewhile balls,Aipom watchingand thePikachu wholerun {{MTR}}to saidplay. it'dAipom, beinterested bestin ifthe theyflowers, stayedwanders awayoff fromand thegets Weavilelost, butcoming [[Jessie]]face-to-face hadwith othera planswild {{p|Weavile}}. SheWeavile waschallenges eagerAipom to catcha it.{{pkmn|battle}}, Meowthstarting with {{m|Shadow Ball}}; the explosion alerts the claimedgang that theyAipom wereis goingin totrouble. giveOnce itthe togang catches up with Aipom, {{an|Giovanni|the BossMay}}, butscans Jessiethe wantedWeavile itwith her [[Pokédex]]. Ash asks if the Weavile allwants to herselfbattle, to which it replies with another Shadow Ball. Angrily,The claimedgang hequickly wantedmoves out of harm's way, only to fightbe theattacked Weavileby another Shadow himselfBall.
TheAsh episodeangrily switchesbattles tothe aWeavile, smallmaking cabinPikachu inuse the woods{{m|Thunderbolt}}. TheWeavile mandodges fromthe earlierattack introducesswiftly, himselfusing asyet [[Kerrigan]],another partShadow ofBall. thePikachu Wildernessattempts Guardto, He'sbut thegets onecaught that watches overin the forestexplosion. AfterAipom thequickly gangcovers introducesfor themselvesPikachu, they inquire about thealthough Weavile. Kerrigandodges says the Weavile is a stray and that there is a gang of both Weavile andher {{pm|SneaselSwift}} attack. HeAsh claimstells thatAipom Weavile had left the group and now challengesto randomuse {{pkmnm|TrainerDouble Team}}s, tofollowed battleby itSwift. KerriganStill, decidesWeavile it'dis beable bestto if he went outsidedodge and searchedgoes around.straight Theinto ganga decides toShadow tagBall alongattack, leaving[[Anime physics|hurting Aipom]] toand rest afterknocking her harsh battleout.
Looking up after helping Aipom, the group notices Weavile has disappeared. A man runs over to check if they are okay. Upon finding the injured Aipom, he leads the gang to his hut in the woods to let her recover.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} are busy eating rice balls, watching the whole thing. {{MTR}} says it would be best if they stayed away from the Weavile, but [[Jessie]] has other plans. While Meowth begins to cook up another reason to give it to {{an|Giovanni|the Boss}}, Jessie reveals she wants the Weavile all to herself. Angered, Meowth goes to fight the Weavile on his own.
The episode switches to a small cabin in the woods. The man from earlier introduces himself as [[Kerrigan]], part of the Wilderness Guard Corps. He's the one that watches over the forest. After the gang introduces themselves, they inquire about the Weavile. Kerrigan says the Weavile is a stray and that there is a gang of both Weavile and {{p|Sneasel}}. He claims that Weavile had left the group and now challenges random {{pkmn|Trainer}}s to battle it. Kerrigan decides it would be best if he went outside and searched around. The gang decides to tag along, leaving Aipom to rest after her harsh battle.
The episode switches to the stray Weavile. It begins to have a flashback about it and a female Sneasel in the rain. It seemed to have come from a harsh battle, limping away. After the flashback, Weavile jumps down from the tree it was in and runs off.
Meanwhile, the gang and Kerrigan are searching for Weavile. They come to a spot where Kerrigan says he's has seen Weavile many times. When there are no Weavile in sight, Max gets an idea to use Pikachu to sniff it out the Weavile. Pikachu sniffs the air and runs off with the gang right behind.
Again, the episodescene goesswitches back to the stray Weavile, looking in a river and watching its reflection. Meowth approaches the Weavileit, dressed as a fellow Weavile. Jessie and [[James]] watch as Meowth talks to the Weavile. Weavile doesn't seem to buy that Meowth is a fellow Weavile at all, even smacking his hand away when Meowth wantedwants to shake. Weavile seemedthreatens toMeowth, threatenleading Meowthto ashim Meowth ranrunning away nervously. Meowth says that the Weavile threatened to use Meowth as a target. Jessie, unsatisfied with Meowth's claims, angrily threatens to do worse to Meowth if he didndoesn't get back out there and talk to the Weavile. Before Meowth can react, theAsh and gangfriends showsshow up. Pikachu runs over to Weavile and begins to talk to it.
Meowth then translates for Jessie and James, saying that Pikachu asked what Weavile was doing, to which Weavile replied that it didn't need to answer that question. After that, Meowth couldn't follow. Jessie angrily stoodstands up, yelling at Meowth and revealing their position to the gang. After their motto, Jessie throws herself at Weavile's feet.
Soon, a Sneasel runs over, happy to see the stray Weavile. Meowth begins to translate their conversation. Weavile asks the Sneasel why she had followed it, to which Sneasel replies that she wasn't following the Weavile, she was escaping from the rogue Weavile that that particularthe stray Weavile had fought with for leadership. A flashback shows the fierce battle between the two Weavile and shows how the stray had gotten thosegot three scars on its cheek. Weavile had lost and that was why it became a stray.
Weavile claimed that its motives behind attacking the random trainersTrainers was to be big and tough and show everyone what its made of. The female Sneasel reveals she was sick of being pushed around by the rogue Weavile, which turned out to be extremely mean, so she ran away from the group. Immediately following the speech, the rogue Weavile shows up., Thewith three other Weavile as backup. Sneasel cowers behind the stray Weavile, to which Jessie respondedresponds that the Weavile was hers. Weavile, angered by her, blastedeasily hersends andTeam theRocket otherblasting twooff awayagain with a Shadow Ball.
With some encouraging words from Ash, the battle between the four Weavile and the stray Weavile ensued. First, theThe three Weavile attackedattack first, but wereare in turn attacked by Ash's Pikachu. The rogue Weavile lookedangrily angry and attackedattacks the stray., Thebeginning a one-on-one battle begun with both Weavile running along the river bank. The rogue useduses Shadow Ball. Thiswhich wasis easily dodged by the stray, who also useduses Shadow Ball. The stray's Shadow Ball hithits the water, splashing it up between the two. The rogue Weavile camejumps through the water and triedtries to {{m|slash}} Weavile's face with its claws. Weavile wasis able to block the attack with its own claws and send the rogue Weavile flying into the water., Itfollowing thenup usedwith a Shadow Ball where the rogue splashed into the river.
Unfortunately, the other Weavile wasis able to escape., It usedusing Shadow Ball on the stray Weavile. The stray Weavile rememberedremembers its previous battle with the rogue Weavile and knewrealises it was planning on using the Shadow Ball as a distraction to scratchslash Weavile'sat its face like before. Weavile dodged the Shadow Ball and saw the Weavile coming at it, but wasis able to use its claws to the throw the rogue away. Almost defeated, the rogue Weavile landedlands on the ground beside the riverbank. The stray jumpedjumps on top of the rogue Weavileit and thrustthrusts its claws at it. The rogue thoughtbraces ititself, wasbut overno and tightly shut itsattack eyescomes. Without feeling an impact,Sparing the rogue looked up to seeWeavile, the stray's claws were only right above its face. The stray had regainedregains its place as the leader.
Both the new leader and the rogue Weavile made a truce, with Sneasel's help. The Weavile, afterAfter thanking Ash, walkedWeavile walks off in peace to go back to theirits group with Sneasel and the other Weavile.
Ash and his friends wenthead back to the cabin, finding a fully recovered Aipom. TheWith their work done, the gang saidsays goodbye to Kerrigan. Aipom happily ranruns offon ahead, to whichleading Ash saidto 'comment how "that Aipom's nuts'". TheyEveryone soon chasedchases after Aipom, happily goingcarrying on their journey to the Battle Pyramid.
== Major events ==
=== Debuts ===
====Pokémon debuts====
=====TV episode debuts=====
* {{p|Weavile}}
== Characters ==
=== Humans ===
* {{Ash}}
* {{an|May}}
* [[Jessie]]
* [[James]]
* [[Kerrigan]]
* Trainer (flashback)
=== Pokémon ===
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Wobbuffet}} ({{OP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}})
* {{p|Aipom}} ({{OP|Ash|Aipom}})
* {{p|Weavile}} (×4×5; includinga stray,; leader,a andleader; twothree subordinates)
* {{p|Sneasel}} (multiple; including theone female)
* {{p|Houndoom}} (Trainer's; flashback)
== Trivia ==
* TheAn instrumental version of 小さきもの ''[[A Small Thing]]'' from ''[[M06|Jirachi: Wish Maker]]'' was used as background music.
* [[Ash's {{AP|Aipom]]}} remains outside of her [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} throughout this episode.
* This is the first time that gender differences are shown in the {{pkmn|anime}}, as the female {{p|Sneasel}} has a smaller ear feather than males.
=== Errors ===
* InAipom onetakes scene,damage one of thefrom Weavile's ear{{m|Shadow feathersBall}} even though {{type|Ghost}} attacks do not affect {{type|Normal}} Pokémon. This is bluean insteadexample of the[[anime physics]]. Later, Weavile threatens {{MTR}} with Shadow Ball and he becomes scared, usualreinforcing redthis.
** InWeavile severalalso scenes,manages Aipom'sto dodge {{m|Swift}} attacktwice, failsdespite toSwift hitbeing itsan opponentattack eventhat thoughignores Swift{{stat|accuracy}} isand an{{stat|evasion}} in unavoidablethe movegames.
* Ash'sWhen Aipom{{AP|Pikachu}} takestracks damage fromdown Weavile's, Shadowits Ballright evenear though Ghost-type moves do not affect Normal-type Pokémon. Thisfeather is angray exampleinstead of [[Anime physics]]red.
** Weavile's left ear feather is gray as well just before blasting {{TRT}} off.
* When {{Ash}} motivates {{p|Weavile}} in the English dub, he says "You let that Weavile walk all over you before", despite the fact that it stood up to and battled the rogue Weavile to defend its tribe's leadership.
=== Dub edits ===<gallery>
AG185 error.png|Weavile's ear error
===Dub edits===
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|襲擊!落單的瑪狃拉!!|Attack! The Stray Weavile!!}}
|hrda={{tt|Magtkamp i junglen!|Power struggle in the jungle!}}
|de={{tt|Das Snibunna-Duell|The Weavile-duel}}
|nl={{tt|Duel in de Jungle|Duel in the Jungle}}
|etfi={{tt|Kamppailu viidakossa!|Struggle in the jungle!}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Duel dans la forêt|Duel in the forest}}
|elhi=जंगल का मुकाबला {{tt|''Jungle ka muqabla''|Battle of the Jungle}}{{tt|*|Disney XD dub}}
|he={{tt|קרבות הג'ונגל|Battles of the Jungle}}
|it={{tt|In lotta per il territorio|Fighting for the territory}}
|ko={{tt|습격! 외톨이 포푸니라!|Attack! The Stray Weavile!}}
|no={{tt|Maktkamp i junglen!|Fight for power in the jungle}}
|plpt_br={{tt|Duelos da Selva|Duels of the Jungle}}
|pt_brru={{tt|Битва в лесу|Battle in the forest}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Duelos de la Selva!|Jungle's Duels!}}
|es_eu={{tt|Duelos en la jungla|Duels in the jungle}}
|sv={{tt|Duell i den djupaste skogen!|Duel in the deepest forest!}}
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