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Escape item

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* A new escape item has been introduced in every odd-numbered generation.
* In [[Generation III]], the Poké Doll, which resembles a {{p|Clefairy|Pokémon native to Kanto and Johto}}, is unavailable in [[Hoenn]], and is is instead replaced by the Fluffy Tail, which resembles the tail of a {{p|Skitty|Pokémon native to Hoenn}}; the Fluffy Tail is likewise only available in Hoenn, and is again replaced by the Poké Doll in Generation IV.
** Similarly, both are replaced in the [[Unova]] region by the Poké Toy, which resembles the tail of a Pokémon {{p|Minccino|native to Unova}}. Furthermore, the Japanese name does not mention its name as opposed to the previous two escape items. However, as before, the previous two items are still available in [[Unova]], however not as easily obtainable (they are much more expensive and only obtainable in the [[Black Forest]], which is exclusive to Pokémon Black).

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