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Hello I'm ChromeVoid42, previously known as Azure42, sorry my user page isn't that spectacular yet but construction is in progress :)
I started using Bulbapedia so i could be in the know about stuff like the anime and {{game| Black and White|s}}, when i got my account i've tried gettingto get myself involved in quite a few things and get the hang of the editing, sonowadays i'm usuallystill uselearning thesome talkstuff pagebut beforei consideringget makingmost anof editit, (luckilyi nonethink my biggest contribution so far would be changing about 85% of themthe areGeneration catastrophesV :P)japanese well,names ito hopeenglish on [[Species]] (without changing the heading which is supposed to dohave the bestjapanese thatname iin canit) and hopefullyi havehope myto pagedo upmore andduring runningmy tootime :)in bulbapedia
Well, i hope you enjoyed my in-construction page, nice talking to you, smell ya later ;)
'''Currently i'm doing some drawings and designs right now, so construction is on hold, for now anyway'''
Oh and one more thing,
{{Template: User Lost the Game}}
mwhahaha ;)

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