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Metanite (TCG)

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Strategy: Let's hope this is the correct one...
[[File:Holon'scastformTCGHolonCastformEXHolonPhantoms44.jpg|thumb|left|{{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Holon's Castform|44}}]]
{{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Holon's Castform|44}} is the ideal starter for the deck, giving the player extra drawing early. Setup is very simple, beginning with a {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Beldum δ|59}},
{{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dratini δ|65}}, and {{TCG ID|EX Dragon Frontiers|Nidoran♀ δ|56}} on the bench and evolving them into their final forms as soon as possible. The {{TCG|Holon Engine}} burns through the deck quickly, giving the player all the hand support they need after {{TCG ID|EX Holon Phantoms|Holon's Castform|44}} is knocked out. Once the player has evolved their {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Metagross δ|11}} and one or more {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonite δ|3}}s, they should probably make {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Metagross δ|11}} their active Pokémon and begin discarding energies and Delta Charging them back to continuously deal huge damage with '''Crush and Burn.''' If {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Metagross δ|11}} is knocked out, a {{TCG ID|EX Delta Species|Dragonite δ|3}} should be sufficient to finish the job at that point.

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