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Ending credits
===Ending credits===
The Blue Lagoon reaches the port town, with Gabu, Dabu, and Zabu greeting them excitedly at the dock. Ash and company part ways with the circus crew as they head off to their next destination. Jackie, with the help of Officer Jenny finds and arrest Captain Phantom and his crew from the Phantom Troop. In a later adventure, Zapdos is seen flying through a mountainous region, and is captured by Jackie so he can hitch a ride on it. Team Rocket are shown to have ended up inside a Wailord, only to be expelled from its body and shot into the air via its blow hole. Various Water Pokémon, including Manaphy, are shown wandering and swimming around the Sea TempleSamiya. At the end, Ash and the gang are seen at camp during the night, conversing around a fire, and after they are shown walking a path in the woods, the camera pans off towards the sky.
==Featured Pokémon==

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