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Wobbuffet (Pokémon)

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* Before [[Generation IV]], Wobbuffet could not damage a {{type2|Dark}} Pokémon (without the use of Struggle) which used an attack of its own type. This is because Dark-types were immune to Wobbuffet's {{m|Mirror Coat}} which was its only attacking option against their attacks, which were all special attacks until [[Generation IV]].
** The same is true for {{type2|Ghost}}, who resisted Wobbuffet's {{m|Counter}}.
*In the Pokemon DPPt games, [[]]Cheryl is the first to have a female Wobbuffet
Wobbuffet may be based on the late Japanese comedian 林家三平 ''{{wp|Sanpei Hayashiya}}'', who was famous for repeatedly touching his hand to his forehead while saying one of his trademark lines, そうなんす、奥さん ''sō nansu, okusan'', "That's the way it is, ma'am." In addition, its form and available moves may be based on a {{wp|punching bag}}; that is, when it is hit, it bounces back. Alternatively, it may be based on the concept of {{wp|Karma}} as it can only cause damage if it is attacked first, and Karma being an aspect of religion explains its Psychic typing. Wobbuffet may also be based on an {{wp|Okiagari-koboshi}} doll, a Japanese traditional doll with squinted eyes that stands back upright when pushed over.

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