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Scarf Guy

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scarf table
The Scarf Guy only gives out one Scarf of each type; if another Pokémon with a maximized stat in the same area is shown he will simply tells the {{player}} to feed it more Poffins.
{| align="center" style="background: #{{pearl color dark}}; {{roundy|10px}}; border: 3px solid #{{diamond color}}"
|- align="center"
! style="background:#ed6374; {{roundytl|5px}}" | Maxed condition
! style="background:#ed6374; {{roundytr|5px}}" | Scarf given out
|- style="background:#{{cool color light}};" align="center"
| '''{{color2|{{cool color dark}}|Cool}}'''
| [[File:Bag Red Scarf Sprite.png]] [[Scarf#Red Scarf|Red Scarf]]
|- style="background:#{{beauty color light}};" align="center"
| '''{{color2|{{beauty color dark}}|Beauty}}'''
| [[File:Bag Blue Scarf Sprite.png]] [[Scarf#Blue Scarf|Blue Scarf]]
|- style="background:#{{cute color light}};" align="center"
| '''{{color2|{{cute color dark}}|Cute}}'''
| [[File:Bag Pink Scarf Sprite.png]] [[Scarf#Pink Scarf|Pink Scarf]]
|- style="background:#{{smart color light}};" align="center"
| '''{{color2|{{smart color dark}}|Smart}}'''
| [[File:Bag Green Scarf Sprite.png]] [[Scarf#Green Scarf|Green Scarf]]
|- style="background:#{{tough color light}};" align="center"
| style="{{roundybl|5px}}" | '''{{color2|{{tough color dark}}|Tough}}'''
| style="{{roundybr|5px}}" | [[File:Bag Yellow Scarf Sprite.png]] [[Scarf#Yellow Scarf|Yellow Scarf]]

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