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|epname=Stage Fight!
|desc=Raichu is Kay's only known Pokémon. It was first seen when it is called to go on stage for the finale and dance with the other Pokémon. However, it didn't go onto the stage due to it being very sad. When Ash tried to help Kay get along with it, it shocked Kay and then Ash. Later thanthat night, Kay explains that it isn't afraid of her, but that she was afraid of it. This was because when she first met it, it jumped into her arms and shocked her. Ever since then, it was nervous because it could sense her phobia of getting shocked by it. Later, when [[Team Rocket]] shot a torpedo at the ship, Raichu is seen cowering near a couple of boxes, away from all of the other Pokémon. When they fire another one, the boxes break and Raichu fliesis sent flying. Fortunately, Kay caught it and kept holding it, overcoming her fear. When {{MTR}} told the Pokémon that he was their new master, Raichu started crying and shocked Meowth when he yelled at it. When the Pokémon were tricking Team Rocket into thinking they could talk, Raichu sat out. Raichu was also the only one not affected by the {{m|SmokeScreen}}. When Raichu finally understood that Kay has overcame her fear, it hugged her and distracted Team Rocket by "talking". It then made Team Rocket blast off with its {{m|Mega Punch}}. Near the end of the episode, Raichu volunteered to take [[Roger]]'s place in the show after his throat was damaged by {{TP|James|Weezing}}'s SmokeScreen.
Raichu's known moves are {{m|ThunderShock}} and {{m|Mega Punch}}}}

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