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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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Each Attraction is a mini-game designed to test the player's skills. A Sky Prism Piece is awarded to the player by beating the high score in an Attraction. Players must clear each Zone's attractions to make progress in their adventure. After beating the game, certain legendaries can be unlocked by achieving the bonus requirements for all possible playable Pokémon in that attraction. The unlockable Pokémon is always the best possible candidate for playing the respective attraction.
===Blaziken's Boulder Bash===
===Dusknoir's Speed Slam===
Dusknoir's Speed Slam (Japanese: '''ヨノワールのクラッシュランニング''' ''Yonoir's Running Crash'') uses the same aim as Bulbasaur's Daring Dash: to reach the end as fast as possible by shaking the Wii remote. However, the view of this six Pokémon race is different from Bulbasaur's attraction and there are obstacles that slow the Pokémon down when it hits them. There are two types of obstacles: stone walls, which will already be there at the start, and {{p|Spinarak}}, which come down attacthed to webs. The player must hit these obstacles unless they use certain Ghost-type Pokémon such as {{p|Gengar}}. The best Pokémon to play as in this attraction is {{p|Darkrai}} who will only befriend you after every Pokémon has gotten a bonus.
===Bastiodon's Block Barrage===
===Salamence's Air Ace===
Salamence's Air Ace (Japanese: '''ボーマンダのスーパースカイレース''' ''Bohmander's Super Sky Race''), the player must fly through the air and destroy targets with a projectile attack. Once every Pokémon has achieved their bonus, {{p|Latios}} will be unlocked.
===Bulbasaur's Daring Dash===
In Bulbasaur's Daring Dash (Japanese: '''フシギダネのふりふりダッシュ''' ''Fushigidane's Foot Race''), players move the Wii remote up and down to run as fast as they can. {{p|Mew}} is the best at this attraction and is unlocked automatically after clearing the Sky Pavilion.
===Venusaur's Vine Swing===
In Venusaur's Vine Swing (Japanese: '''フシギバナのスイングロープ''' ''Fushigibana's Rope Swinging''), players swing the Wii remote to swing the vine. Pressing 2 releases the Pokémon, and how far it goes depends on the angle of release and the power of the swing. {{p|Jirachi}} is the best at this attraction.
===Gyarados's Aqua Dash===
In Gyarados' Aqua Dash (Japanese: '''ギャラドスのマリンスライダー''' ''Gyarados' Marine Slider''), players hold 2 to propel the Pokémon forwards, while tilting the Wii remote to turn. Hitting a Carvanha or Sharpedo will slow them down, while hitting a speed boost will make them faster. After each possible Pokémon has received a bonus for their performance, {{p|Manaphy}} will be unlocked.
===Pelipper's Circle Circuit===
In Pelipper's Circle Circuit, players tilt the Wii remote to make the Pokémon move around the screen. They must fly through rings to get points. After each possible Pokémon has received a bonus for their performance, {{p|Latias}} will be unlocked. She is the best choice when playing this attraction being able to score over 30,000 points.
===Tangrowth's Swing-Along===
In Tangrowth's Swing-Along, a series of ropes are set up along the bridge at the entrance of the mansion. The player must swing from rope to rope without falling and within the time limit. If they fall, they will be placed at the beginning of the bridge. {{p|Celebi}} is the best Pokémon for this attraction.
===Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em-Up===
In Rotom's Spooky Shoot-'em Up, the player must defend themselves from an onslaught of {{p|Gastly}}, {{p|Haunter}} and occasionally one of the {{p|Rotom}} [[Form_differences#Rotom|forms]]. {{p|Rotom}} is the best Pokémon for this attraction.
===Rayquaza's Balloon Panic===
In Rayquaza's Balloon Panic, the player runs across a Rayquaza shaped balloon passing through rings to gain points. At the same time, the player must dodge {{p|Electrode}} and {{p|Voltorb}} as well as avoid falling off the balloon itself. Once the player has reached the other end of the balloon the view will be aimed towards the back of the player and Drifloon, Drifblim, and Rayquaza will fly across the screen holding targets the player must destroy. Occasionally one will have a large X on it which will take away 300 points. The best Pokémon for this attraction is {{p|Deoxys}}
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