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Nevermind...I found out it's just the base stats, which the [[Effort values]] page mentions, but apparently I didn't notice. Maybe this should be made clearer on that page, where it links to this table... --[[User:Grinnz|Grinnz]] 02:14, 11 May 2010 (UTC)
==Effort points?==
So it says for every four effort points in a particular stat, i will get 1 of those stats permanently at lvl 100.....say i went a bit genocidal and killed....oh say 41000 lvl 4 or 3 hoothoots which would take me to around lvl 100....and granting me 41000 hp effort points and around 10000 hp??? Why do i not believe this? Or am i miss understanding/missing something? And btw....assuming i had no life this could be accomplished in like a month.

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