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Pokémon Online (MMORPG)

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''There is also a battle simulator called [[Pokémon Online (battle simulator)|Pokémon Online]]''.
'''Pokémon Online''' (commonly shortened to '''POL''') is a free-to-play Pokémon [[wp:MMORPG|MMORPG]] in development by a small bureau of dedicated fans. The project is handled by a wide variety of team members, the current leader being Platinum. The aim of the development team is for the MMORPG's implemented concepts to remain true to the original Gameboy series RPGs while also making it functional as a MMORPG. POL's planned features/functionality aims to match or exceed the most recent releases (currently {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}). Secondary concepts from the {{pkmn|Trading Card Game}}, {{pkmn|manga}}, and {{pkmn|anime}} may also be added. Many of POL's members assist the team by posting suggestions, helping to create sprites and revamp older ones, developing promotional graphics and videos, and more. Members are also given the opportunity to submit applications for staff positions such as Graphics Team, Databaser, Mapper, and Translator. Passed trials are required to attain these positions.

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