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List of glitches in Generation I

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two that I found on black out
===Cycling Road glitch===
If the player does not have a [[Bicycle]] (or it has been deposited in the PC), it is still possible to reach [[Kanto Route 17|Cycling Road]] by holding down the left button while the guard attempts to prevent the player from entering the Cycling Road. Upon entering Cycling Road, the player will be automatically riding a bike, despite not having one.
===Deposit glitch===
If the player deposits all Pokémon except [[fainting|fainted]] ones, a [[black out]] will occur.
===Fishing in statues===
====Machop glitch====
After the player listens to the [[cry]] of {{p|Machop}}, {{p|Machoke}} or {{p|Machamp}}, then uses the Coin Case, the game enters the "{{dl|Graphical glitches|glitch dimension}}".
===Egg black out glitch===
If the player manages to obtain an egg before any other Pokémon, they will repeatedly [[black out]] and be forced to restart the game. This was remedied in [[Generation III]] and later games by requiring the player to have two Pokémon with them in order to trade, rather than just one.
===Infinite continues glitch===

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