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List of glitches in Generation I

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===Sticky hold glitch===
This glitch occurs when {{m|Thief}} or {{m|Covet}} is used to knock out a Pokémon holding an [[item]] that has the {{a|Sticky Hold}} ability. It causes the sprite of the defeated Pokémon to stay in a "ghost-like" form. This lasts for as long as you stay on the battle screen. Switching to the item list, or pokemon list will cause it to disappear. However, it will remain as long as you are on the battle screen. If it's a battle against a team of six pokemon, defeating the next pokemon will cause that pokemon's sprite to vanish normally, but the "ghost" will remain.
====Step-by-step photos====
<!--a video would be 20 times better-->
[[email protected]/35316732133532471730/ 10][[email protected]/3532522762/ 2][[email protected]/3532532512/This 3][[email protected]/3531739991/was done 4][http://wwwusing a battle in the secret base of another[email protected]/3531741327/ 5]
[[email protected]/3531673213/ 1] Linoone fights Grimer.
[[email protected]/3532522762/ 2] Linoone uses Covet and it fails to steal Grimer's item.
[[email protected]/3532532512/ 3] Grimer faints, but it's image remains.
[[email protected]/3531739991/ 4] The next pokemon(Breloom) comes out.
[[email protected]/3531741327/ 5] Notice how Grimer's sprite gets recolored using Breloom's palette.
If you can beat the second pokemon without leaving the battle screen, a third one will come out(in this example a Milotic). The "ghost" sprite will remain and get recolored to match, but only the ghost. The breloom used in this example disappears normally when KO'd. This will apparently continue until you leave the battle screen. Such as using an item or viewing the stats of a pokemon.
Apparently the game stores color palettes seperately from the pictures themselves.
This glitch does not seem to have any harmful effects, and seems to affect only the display of sprites in battle.
<!--I might be able to make a pic/video of it later.-->
===Teddiursa glitch===

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