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Copycat (character)

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'''Copycat''' (Japanese: '''モノマネむすめ''' ''Mimic Girl'') lives in [[Saffron City]]. She collects [[PokemonPokémon Dolls]], and likes to dress up as and mimic others. Copycat is not her real name; rather, her nickname.
==In the games==
===In [[Generation I]]===
In [[Generation I]], Copycat will give the TM for {{m|Mimic}} in return for a {{p|Clefairy}}-style [[PokemonPokémon Doll#Generation I|PokePoké Doll]].
In her bedroom, there is a {{wp|Super Nintendo Entertainment System|Super NES}} with a game that has {{smw|Mario}} with a bucket on his head, a reference to the Japan-exclusive game {{smw|Mario & Wario}} (which was also developed by [[Game Freak]]).
===In [[Generation II]]===
[[Image:Copycat Sugimori Artwork.png|thumb|Ken Sugimori's artwork of Copycat, dressed as {{ga|Ethan}}]]
In PokemonPokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, Copycat's Clefairy doll (which she received in Generation I from {{ga|Red}}) is lost. It's found by a member of the PokemonPokémon Fan Club in [[Vermilion City]]. When the player returns her lost doll, Copycat will give a ticket to ride the [[Magnet Train]] that travels between [[Kanto]] and [[Johto]].
In between the events of Generation I and Generation II, Copycat's house in Saffron City was torn down to make room for the [[Magnet Train]] station; a "rail company man" <!-- her words, not mine --> gave her a ticket because of the demolition.
===In [[Generation III]]===
In {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, Copycat is a [[move tutor]] who will teach Mimic to a suitable PokemonPokémon in return for a PokePoké Doll.
===In [[Generation IV]]===
==In the TCG==
This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Copycat or her PokemonPokémon in the [[PokemonPokémon Trading Card Game]].
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!Set no.
| rowspan=4 | {{TCG ID|Expedition|Copycat|138}} || rowspan=4 | T || rowspan=4 | ? || rowspan=4 | {{rar|Uncommon}} || {{TCG|Expedition Base Set}} || 138/165
| {{TCG|EX Team Rocket Returns}} || 83/109
*In {{game|Yellow}}, an NPC in the [[Celadon Department Store]] mentions that he's trying to buy a PokePoké Doll for Copycat in {{ci|Cerulean}}. However, Copycat lives in Saffron City.
*In the artwork, Copycat has green hair on the [[Generation II]] artwork, but has brown hair in the latest artwork.
*In [[Generation IV]], Copycat has a [[PokemonPokémon (species)|PokemonPokémon]] from every generation represented, if you count her PokePoké Dolls. A {{p|Clefairy}} doll ([[Generation I]]), a {{p|Blissey}} (Generation II), a {{p|Banette}} and a {{p|Nosepass}} doll ([[Generation III]]), and a {{p|Cherrim}} doll (Generation IV).
*If the Copycat is in fact parroting the player character as she implies and not simply putting words in their mouths, then she provides by proxy some of the only lines of dialogue from the normally silent player characters.
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! Language
! Name
! Reference to
| Japanese
| モノマネむすめ ''Mimic Girl''
| English
| Copycat
| Spanish
| Copiona
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