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Box trick

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The '''Boxbox trick''' is a method in all Generations of [[main series]] [[Pokémon games]] that allows a [[Pokémon]] to gainchange it stats due to [[Effort values|effort pointsvalues]] without necessarily [[level|leveling up in the process]]. ThisIn method can EV train level 100 Pokémon in GenerationsGeneration {{gen|I}} and {{gen|II}}, onlythis method can be used to EV train level 100 Pokémon.
Usually, a Pokémon's gainsstats statare pointscalculated whenupon they levelleveling up; however, whichPokémon basedstored onin athe number[[PC]] ofhave factors, includingonly the numbernumbers ofused effortin valuesthe thatcalculations stored, (namely the Pokémon[[Effort has.values|EVs]], But[[Individual byvalues|IVs]] depositingand a[[base Pokémonstats]]) intoso the PCdepositing and withdrawing it,a thePokémon game will, infrom the processPC ofwill depositing/withdrawing,cause recalculate theits stats ofto thebe deposited Pokémonrecalculated. TheBy reasontraining itor doesby thisusing is[[vitamins]] becauseor while{{cat|Happiness-raising inberries|stat-reducing berries}}, the boxnumber theof actual stateffort values are not stored, so they mustcan be calculatedchanged when taken out orbetween viewedlevels.
A level 100 Pokémon inIn Generation {{Gengen|III}} and {{Gengen|IV}}, islevel 100 Pokémon are unable to gain effort pointsvalues though battle. This is because Effortin these games effort Valuesvalues are awarded at the same time as [[experience]] in these games, and; since Pokémon at Levellevel 100 don't gain Experienceexperience, they are also skipped over for Efforteffort Valuesvalues. However,This means that this trick cancannot be used to changealter a level 100 Pokémon's stats byvia consumingleveling [[Vitamins]]up; orhowever, {{cat|Happiness-raisingthis berries|stat-reducingtrick berries}},can asbe well asused to change thea statslevel of a100 Pokémon's thatstats isby belowconsuming levelvitamins 100or stat-reducing berries.
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