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...They dedicated an entire episode to this? *facepalm*
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m (...They dedicated an entire episode to this? *facepalm*)
'''Marie''' (Japanese: '''ツカサ''' ''Tsukasa'') is a one-time character in the Pokémon anime who appeared in ''[[EP162|Type Casting]]''. She is voiced by [[Megan Hollingshead]] in English and こおろぎさとみ ''[[Satomi Kōrogi]]'' in Japanese.
She and [[Pierre]] were trying to determine whether {{p|Sudowoodo}} is a {{type2|Rock}} or a {{type2|Grass}}. She argues that knowledge written on the book is not always right. She and Pierre was doing observation on it. They saw it using the move {{m|Razor Leaf}} and {{m|Vine Whip}}, which is impossible for a Rock type Pokémon to learn, therefore she concluded that Sudowoodo is a Grass -type Pokémon. Eventually they learned that Sudowoodo is a Rock-type, due to the fact that it is afraid of water, which is abnormal for a Grass type Pokémon. With the use of the move {{m|Mimic}}, Sudowoodo is able to imitate moves not of its type.
Marie is known to have a grandfather, who is a [[fisherman]]. This man was inspired by Marie's hope in finding a Sudowoodo and is willing to offer anyone a ride to those who manage to catch one.



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