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Pupitar (Pokémon)

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*Despite having no visible teeth, it still able to learn {{m|Bite}} and {{m|Crunch}} via level-up.
**Also, although having no visible feet, which it sealed itself in the shell, it is able to learn {{m|Stomp}} via breeding.
*Pupitar, along with {{p|Shelgon}}, are the only non-Bug Pokémon to go through metamorphosis-like evolution, as well as being pupa-like Pokémon. Both are able to learn {{m|Iron Defense}} via tutor-move, while their respective final evolution not. Both of their final forms ({{p|Tyranitar}} and {{p|Salamence}}) are [[Pseudo-legendary|pseudo-legendaries]].
**Despite this, its evolution line are still learn this move, only via breeding.
**Also, it is only Pokémon that undergoes metamorphosis-like evolution that's defense base stat is not higher than its attack. Instead, its attack base stat is the highest.

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