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When Hareta and Mitsumi are brought in, Charon takes the chance to introduce himself as Team Galactic's Boss. Hareta then replies "Ah, so you're Purutto, huh?" prompting Charon to hastily correct him. Charon then notes that Hareta is the son of Kaisē, causing Hareta to ask about how he knows his father. He replies that Kaisē is the one who knows the path to find Giratina. Mitsumi deducts that the reason Team Galactic is here must be to obtain Giratina, however Charon says that she's wrong and that he has come to obtain the legendary Pokémon Heatran, through the use of the [[Magma Stone]]. However, when he tries to touch it, he burns his hand. Mitsumi wonders if Team Galactic really has a future with a leader like this. Charon tells her to shut up and then divulges his true objective. Money. He claims that "This world revolves around money! With money I can do as I please with anyone or anything!!", Mitsumi claims that he's a fool if he believes that. He replies that on the contrary, she is a fool for not noticing the truth, just like Cyrus. Mitsumi asks if he's responsible for his disappearance, which he then confirms. He then offers Hareta the chance to join him, under the impression that he could be used as a bargaining chip with Kaisē. However Hareta refuses and breaks free of the ropes that bind him, saying that "Anyone who would sell a friend is unforgivable!!".
Charon moves to plan B by bringing out his trump card, the captive Mars. Charon warns Hareta and Mitsumi that if they want her returned unharmed, they must do as he says as he asks them to kneel before him. Before anything else can happen though, an explosion interrupts. "International Police! Team Galactic is under arrest!", KōyaKoya is on the scene with his Metagross. Hareta tells KōyaKoya that he has great timing and that now they can save Mars together. KōyaKoya however says that's none of his business and that she'll be arrested just like the others. Hareta refuses to let him do this and lets loose a {{m|Surf}} in the cave. Charon thanks Hareta for the save, however Hareta says that he's the most despicable of all and throws him to the other side of the cave. He and the grunts make a hasty retreat. As Hareta undoes the ropes tying Mitsumi and Mars, the ground begins to shake, the Magma Stone has moved from its pedestal, Heatran has awoken!
==Major events==
* [[Charon]]
* [[Mars]]
* [[KōyaKoya]]



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