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Tap the round button on the Apriblender device to see information on the top screen about the contents of the blender. If there is Aprijuice in the blender, it will show you the flavor level, the mildness level, and the number of Apricorns that you can add to the blender at that time. Selecting "Taste" on the menu that appears on the bottom screen will give you a clue as to what performance stats the juice will raise, along with how strong the juice is.
The flavor of Aprijuice determines how much it will raise the stats of a pokemonPokémon that drinks it. The flavor of a type of juice increases when certain Apricorns are blended with a pre-existing batch, if the Apricorns added are of the same type as the juice and have a strong value (see the chart below). A juice with a high flavor can raise performance stats by several levels, whereas a juice with a low flavor will only raise it slightly or not at all. A juice's flavor maxes out at 100.
The mildness of a batch of Aprijuice determines whether or not the juice will have a negative effect on a pokemonPokémon, such as lowering certain performance stats. The more mild a batch of Aprijuice is, the less negative affect it will have. The more the {{player}} walks, the milder the juice becomes. Walking 100 steps adds one more level of mildness. Also, as days pass the mildness increases. If Apricorns are added to a batch to increase the flavor, the mildness will be reset to 0 when the batch is done mixing. A juice's mildness maxes out at 255.
The effects of multiple Aprijuices do not stack when fed to a Pokémon; the effects of the new drink replace the effects of the last drink. When a Pokémon is put into a [[PC|PC box]], all of the effects of an Aprijuice disappear.

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