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Steven Stone

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There's no hard evidence saying that I is contemporaneous with III. It is merely fan speculation.
**Interestingly, the Beldum that he trades is holding a Dawn Stone, which has not appeared in Hoenn but has in Sinnoh, meaning that this could be one of the rare stones he sought.
* He is the only champion with no Water-type Pokémon. Ironically, he is replaced in {{game|Emerald}} by [[Wallace]] who uses ''only'' Water-type Pokémon.
* Despite taking place three years after the Generation {{gen|III}} games, Steven introduces himself in {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}} as the Hoenn Champion, without implying that he had ever lost the title.
** It is possible that he retained his title because he only lost to {{ga|May}}/{{ga|Brendan}} after he had already vacated his spot. {{ga|Red}} is also referred to as the Kanto Champion despite not actively holding the title.
* In the anime, Steven is portrayed as having blue-green eyes, however, in [[Pokemon Adventures]] he is portrayed as having yellow eyes.
* In the anime, the games, the Japanese version of Pokemon Adventures and the back cover of the English Version of [[Pokémon Adventures volume 21]], Steven's hair sticks out on the right, but in the English version of Pokemon Adventures his hair sticks out on the left.

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