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The '''Apricorn Shaker''' (Japanese: '''ボンシェイカー''' ''Bon Shaker'') is a device found in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}. Much like the [[Berry Blender]] mixes [[Berry|Berries]] together in [[Hoenn]] to make [[condition]]-enhancing [[Pokéblock]]s, the Apricorn Shaker mixes [[Apricorn]]s together to make [[performance]]-boosting Apricorn drinks.
It is located in the [[Apricorn Case]], and may be obtained at the [[PokéthlonPokéathlon Dome]] from a woman to the west of the building.
Up to five Apricorns can be put into the Shaker at once, which will not produce a drink instantly. Instead, the player must walk 100 steps to mix up the Apricorns, which will afterwards be a drink that can be used up to three times. Once a drink is finished mixing, then more Apricorns can be added. The smoother an Apricorn drink is, the less negative affect it will have. The more the {{player}} walks, the smoother the drinks become. Also, as days pass the smoothness increases. Apricorn drinks do not stack effects when fed to a Pokémon, the effects of the newest drink replace the effects of the older drink. When a Pokémon is put into a [[PC|PC box]], all of the effects of an Apricorn drink disappear.
==Taste effects on PokéthlonPokéathlon Performance==
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