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Appendix:Metagame terminology

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A Pokémon designed with the sole purpose of annoying the opponent and making it difficult for him/her to use a move. Moves for this purpose include {{m|Confuse Ray}}, {{m|Thunder Wave}}, {{m|Protect}}, and {{m|Attract}}. It should be noted that the use of Annoyers has fallen since the start of [[Generation III]], mostly due to the fact that they rely too much on luck.
Though two relatively common annoyers in 4th gen are jirachi{{p|Jirachi}} (serene{{m|Serene graceGrace}}, iron{{m|Iron headHead}}, thunder{{m|Thunder waveWave}}) and togekiss{{p|Togekiss}} (serene{{m|Serene graceGrace}}, air{{m|Air slashSlash}}, thunder{{m|Thunder waveWave}}) these pokemon are also known as paraflinchers.
===Baton Passer===

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