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Appendix:Metagame terminology

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Type Coverage
===Type Coverage===
AnType analysiscoverage ofreferrs whichto typescombinations canof beattacks hitthat forare Super-Effective Damageunresisted. ForCommon example,combinations afor Firecoverage typeare moveboltbeam will(only doresisted super-effectiveby damage against Bug, Grass, Ice,lanturn and Steelmagnezone) types.which Asis Super-Effectivethunder movesbolt are the most efficient way to take outand otherice Pokémonbeam, trainersand usuallyghost+fighting strivehas for good typeperfect coverage on individual Pokémon, andthough forthis theis wholenot team.favourable Hiddenbecause Powerof helpsthe aslack aof wild-cardreliable tophysical allowghost aattacks, Pokémonor toreliable coverfighting typesspecial itattacks(though wouldn'tthis normallycan be ablesolved to,somewhat such as a Charizard with Hidden Power Water, which would then give it coverage against other Fire types. Ice is typically a good type to have, as the most commonly seen Dragon types have a double weakness to theby Icehidden typepower).

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