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Blaziken (Pokémon)

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Trivia: oh come now
* Blaziken, like its pre-evolution, {{p|Combusken}}, has no flame anywhere on its body unlike all other {{type2|Fire}} starters.
**However, when Blaziken flexes its arms, flames burst from its wrist.
* It is the only Pokémon to learn {{m|Blaze Kick}} by leveling up '''AND'''and get STAB from the move. The only other Pokémon to learn it is {{p|Hitmonlee}}, a pure {{type2|Fighting}}.
Blaziken is probably based on a {{wp|cockfighting}} chicken. It also bears resemblance to {{wp|Horus}}, an Ancient Egyptian deity with a hawk's head. Blaziken may also be based on the {{wp|basan}}, a fire-breathing chicken.

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