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Unown (Pokémon)

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[[Image:Unreleased Unown.jpg|thumb|right|Unreleased Unown]]
*In ''[[M03|Spell of the Unown]]'', [[Professor Oak]] had some pictures of {{pkmn2|unreleased}} Unown on his computer. They resemble a few {{wp|Greek alphabet}} letters, especially σ (lowercase sigma), Σ (capital sigma), Π (pi) and Ω (omega). However, lowercase letters have never been made into Unown before, so this may be an error or a misinterpretation by fans. The top-middle Unown may be also a variation of an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, the {{wp|Eye of Horus}}, or the Russian letter Я (ya). This may lead to the conclusion that there are more forms of Unown, being the prototypes of other known (or unknown) alphabets.
**It is, however, possible that the creators of the carvings drew Unown in the form of other letters and symbols, even if actual living equivalents did not exist.
*Unown apparently generate a radio signal where they are found in large numbers, which can be listened to by any Trainer with a [[PokéGear]].
*In [[M03|the third movie]], [[Molly Hale]] owned a book that had Unown on the cover of it.

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