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Generation III

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* Currently, this generation has the highest number of main series games named after precious jewels, namely, the {{wp|ruby}}, {{wp|sapphire}}, and {{wp|emerald}}.
* Generation III introduced the most Pokémon that didn't evolve.
* Though it is revealed in dialog between the Kanto- and Hoenn-based games that the five handheld games are more or less contemporary, interestingly, the two Orre-based games occur ''five years'' apart from each other, yet can both trade with the same five handheld games without use of a [[Time Capsule]] or similar device.
* Starting with Generation III, [[Ken Sugimori]]'s art style shows noticeable differences from that of [[Generation I]] and {{gen|II}}. For example, this can be seen when when comparing the artwork for {{ga|Red}} and {{ga|Gold}} from their original games to that of those games' remakes, or the art of the first 251 Pokémon released in the original era with their remake art.
* Generation III is the only generation so far to not introduce any evolved forms of Pokémon from previous generations, with the only cross-generational relatives being baby Pokémon {{p|Azurill}} and {{p|Wynaut}}.

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