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Generation IV

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*Every [[player character]] in all Generation IV games has a [[Wii]] in his/her room, referencing its status as the current Nintendo console during the generation. This is in contrast with [[Generation III]], in which only player characters in Hoenn had a [[Nintendo GameCube]], while player characters in Kanto had ana [[NES]].
*Generation IV's framerate is downgraded from Generation III: whereas Generation III games ran at 60 frames per second, Generation IV games run at only 30, like Generation I and II do. This is likely to prevent slowdown or crashing due to the 3D graphicsmodels.
*Due to the Generation II remakes, and the inclusion of Kanto in them, Generation IV has the largest number of accessible regions (in the handheld games) of all; [[Generation I]] had only one (Kanto), [[Generation II]] had two (Kanto and Johto), [[Generation III]] had two (Kanto and Hoenn), whereas Generation IV has three (Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh).
**Because Hoenn was not included in Generation IV, its Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and Frontier Brains lack the now standard animated battle sprites and close-up headshots. [[Lorelei]] and [[Agatha]], the only important Trainers from another region who are not in Generation IV, also miss out.

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