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Ruby (Adventures)

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Character history
On his eleventh birthday, Ruby and his mother moved to [[Littleroot Town]], [[Hoenn]]. Ruby was displeased with this decision as he preferred [[Johto]]'s modern cities over Hoenn's rural countryside. After getting to the small town, Ruby ran away as he didn't want to face his father, who didn't approve of Ruby's hobby of Pokémon Contests. Just as he left the town, he met [[Professor Birch]], who was attacked by two {{p|Mightyena}}. Ruby refused to battle, stating his reason was because he didn't want his Pokémon dirty. Instead, he asked the two dark types to join him on his quest to conquer the contests of Hoenn. However, the started to chase him. Ruby still didn't fear him and instead picked up Birch's nearby Pokédex and used it to learn about Mightyena.
Amazed by the fact that the Mightyena were evolved, he sent out his [[Nana]], a Poocheyena{{p|Poochyena}}, and showed off her elegant moves against the stronger Pokémon. However, the attacks did no damage and Ruby and Birch were forced to run from the wild Pokémon. Due to the [[Running Shoes]] that he had been given to him by his parents for his birthday, Ruby got ahead Birch and fell off a cliff and was knocked unconscious. Fortunately, a mysterious Pokémon caught him and brought him into its cave.
Ruby was soon awakened by the lick of Nana. Upon waking up, he received a call on Professor Birch's [[Poké Gear]] from the researcher himself. Ruby explained where he was and Birch introduced himself formally. During the conversation, Ruby realized that Birch was a friend of his father but the man didn't know that the boy had ran away yet.

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