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If you were looking for the butler of Platinum in Pokémon Adventures, see Sebastian (Adventures).

Sebastian is a character of the day in the anime who appeared in The Treasure Is All Mine!. He is the butler at one of James's many mansions over the world.

He was also shown to have a fondness for James and was also worried about his future. After meeting James unexpectedly in the mansion, he tried to catch him and make him marry Jessebelle according to James's parents wishes.

After initially failing, he contacted Jessebelle and informed her that James was in the mansion and assisted her in her mission to capture and marry him. Though eventually James managed to escape from the mansion though unintentionally bringing Jessebelle with him.


Sebastian's Spinarak
Spinarak only appeared in The Treasure Is All Mine!. Sebastian attempted to use it to tie James up, but James used his Mime Jr.'s Teeter Dance to stop him. Spinarak and its owner — both confused by Mime Jr.'s attack — fell down a chute, ending the battle.

Spinarak's only known move is String Shot*.

Debut The Treasure Is All Mine!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 小形満 Mitsuru Ogata
English Bill Tost
Finnish Jukka Voutilainen
Norwegian Simen Sand
Polish Marek Robaczewski
European Spanish Mario Martín


  • As is the case with James's other butlers, Hopkins and Mr. Cheeves, Sebastian was unnamed in the Japanese version but ended up being named in the English dub.
  • Juan, Selphy and Platinum also have butlers named Sebastian.
  • Sebastian shares the same Japanese voice actor as Hopkins, another of James's butlers, and Growlie, James's first Pokémon.

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