Poncho-wearing Pikachu (XY-P Promo 274)

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JPCardback.jpg This article is about a Japanese Pokémon Trading Card Game card which has not yet been officially released in English and, hence, may not be released outside of Japan. As such, this article may contain translated Japanese terms instead of English terms. TCG Card Back Japanese.jpg

Poncho-wearing Pikachu  
ポンチョを着たピカチュウ Poncho-wearing Pikachu
Illus. Kouki Saitou
Evolution stage Basic Pokémon
Card name Poncho-wearing Pikachu
Type Lightning
Hit Points 80
retreat cost
Japanese expansion XY-P Promotional cards
Japanese card no. 274/XY-P
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Pikachu.

Poncho-wearing Pikachu (Japanese: ポンチョを着たピカチュウ Poncho-wearing Pikachu) is a Lightning-type Basic Pokémon card. It is one of the XY-P Promotional cards.

Card text

Colorless Mega Pretend
Flip a coin. If heads, search your deck for a Mega Evolution Pokémon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterwards.
LightningLightningLightning Spark Rush
Flip a coin until you get tails. This attack does 60 damage times the number of heads.

Pokédex data

Pikachu - Mouse Pokémon
No. Height Weight
025 1'04" (0.4 m) 13.2 lbs. (6.0 kg)
Pokédex entry
ほっぺたの りょうがわに ちいさい でんきぶくろを もつ。ピンチのときに ほうでんする。

Release information

In Japan, this card was 1 of 2 available to players who accumulated 3 Play Points by participating in events held as part of the Pokémon Center Mega Battle, which took place at participating Pokémon Centers and Pokémon Stores on various dates between July 23 and August 31, 2016.



The illustration on this card follows the trend established with Pikachu merchandise available for the Pokémon Center Tokyo relocation promotion in December 2014, which featured a Pikachu wearing a Mega Charizard Y poncho. This illustration features Pikachu wearing ponchos resembling Mega Gallade, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Ampharos, and Mega Mawile. This card's Pokédex entry comes from Pokémon Y.

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