Poké Ping Pong tournament

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The Poké Ping Pong tournament
The setting for the competition
This article is about the the Ping Pong tournament in Alola. For the tournament in Sinnoh, see Pokémon Ping Pong Tournament.

The (Japanese: ポケピンポン大会 Poké Ping Pong tournament) is an anime-exclusive competition that is held annually on Melemele Island and serves to decide the Poké Ping Pong champion of Alola. It was featured in Smashing with Sketch!.

In the past, Ilima had taken part in a tournament, only to lose to Ikari. This caused a fierce rivalry between them ever since.

In the present, Ilima entered into the competition again. He found himself going up against Ikari in the finals, but he succeeded in winning the competition with his Smeargle.

Known competitors in the Poké Ping Pong tournament

Competitor Place
Ilima Winner
Ikari Runner-up
"Gorgeous" Round 1

Pokémon used in the Poké Ping Pong tournament


Ilima Smeargle.png


Ikari Mienshao.png


Jessie Wobbuffet Sona Sonemi.png
"Sona Sonemi"

Other competitors

Poké Ping Pong Sableye Sudowoodo Psyduck Mankey Poliwhirl.png
Poké Ping Pong Sableye Sudowoodo Psyduck Mankey Poliwhirl.png
Poké Ping Pong Sableye Sudowoodo Psyduck Mankey Poliwhirl.png
Poké Ping Pong Sableye Sudowoodo Psyduck Mankey Poliwhirl.png
Poké Ping Pong Sableye Sudowoodo Psyduck Mankey Poliwhirl.png
Poké Ping Pong Machamp.png
Poké Ping Pong Machop.png

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