Myths and legends involving Legendary Pokémon

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Throughout the Pokémon world, many ancient myths have been recorded about Legendary and Mythical Pokémon.

Generation I

Shamouti Island

Fire Island, Lightning Island, and Ice Island, as seen in The Power of One

An ancient prophecy circulates around the Orange Archipelago that says:


Japanese English
The god of fire, god of lightning, and god of ice must not be touched.
Else, heaven and earth will be angered and the world will face destruction.
The god of the sea will appear to stop the destruction.
But, it will not prevent the world's destruction.
Unless an exceptional trainer appears to calm the wrath of the gods....

English dub

Disturb not the harmony of Fire, Ice, or Lightning
Lest these Titans wreak destruction
Upon the world in which they clash
Though the Water's Great Guardian shall arise to quell the fighting
Alone its song will fail
Thus the earth shall turn to ash
O Chosen One
Into thine hands bring together all three
Their treasures combined tame the Beast of The Sea
From the trio of islands, ancient spheres shall you take
For between life and death, all the difference you'll make
Climb to the shrine to right what is wrong
And the world shall be healed by the Guardian's song...

A festival is held on Shamouti Island to honor the Chosen One.

Generation II

The Towers of Ecruteak

The Brass Tower and Bell Tower in Ecruteak City

There's a legend that has been passed down by Ecruteak Gym Leaders for many years:

Two towers... Two Pokémon... But when one burned down, both Pokémon flew away, never to return.

700 years before Generation II, the people of Ecruteak built two nine-tier towers with the hopes of fostering friendship and hope between Pokémon and humans. They were the Brass Tower in the west, which was said to awaken Pokémon, and the Bell Tower in the east, where Pokémon were said to rest. Both towers became the roost of powerful flying Pokémon Lugia and Ho-Oh respectively.

However, about 150 years before the games' events, a lightning bolt struck the Brass Tower. It was engulfed in flames that raged for three days. A sudden downpour finally put out the blaze, but it had already burnt to the ground. Three nameless Pokémon perished in the fire. But Ho-Oh descended from the sky and resurrected them. The Pokémon are said to embody three powers: the lightning that struck the tower, the fire that burned the tower, and the rain that put out the fire. When the Pokémon appeared, they struck terror in those who saw their rise. The three Pokémon, knowing their own power, fled, running like the wind off into the grassland.

Ho-Oh and Lugia haven't been seen since the fire. According to legend, when the souls of Pokémon and humans commune, upon the emergence of a Trainer who has the ability to touch the souls of Pokémon, Ho-Oh will return from the heavens.

A similar legend is addressed in the anime. In A Ghost of a Chance, Morty says the two towers are the original Tin Tower, which burned down, and a rebuilt one. He says that invaders came and tried to steal Ho-Oh, who resisted and fled, and then they burned down the tower. When the legend is revisited in For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!, however, the story more closely parallels the game version, but the war aspect remains. Ash Ketchum seems to fulfill the prophecy as a Trainer who has the ability to touch the souls of Pokémon, as he has encountered both Ho-Oh and Suicune several times.

Generation III

Legend of the Regis

In addition to the Unown, Braille has also been used to tell legends. In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the player can use the Braille to uncover Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.

The legend, found on various rocks in the Sealed Chamber, reads:

In this cave we have lived.
We owe all to the Pokémon.
But, we sealed the Pokémon away.
We feared it.
Those with courage, those with hope.
Open a door. An eternal Pokémon waits.

Because the message is in singular instead of plural, it is possible that the Pokémon being referred to is Regigigas, and that the people of Snowpoint City wanted to seal Regigigas away, and created three keys, the Legendary titans, that had to be obtained to awaken Regigigas. To make it as hard as possible to reawaken Regigigas, the people of Snowpoint City sealed the Legendary titans away in another region. Otherwise, since Regigigas didn't exist yet when the games were made, it might refer to the three Regi's separately or a hint that meant that Regigigas will come back then.

The Guardians of the Water Capital

The island city of Alto Mare's history is intertwined with the following tale:

Japanese English
昔々、アルトマーレという島におじいさんとおばあさんがいました。 A long time ago on an island called Alto Mare there lived an old man and a woman.
ある日、二人は海岸で、小さな兄弟がけがをしているのを見つけました。 One day, they found two wounded children on the seaside.
おじいさんとおばあさんの手厚い看護で二人がみるみる良くなっていきました。 With the old couple's careful nursing, the children got better quickly.
しかし突然、邪悪な怪物が島を攻めてきたのです。 But then suddenly an evil monster appeared and attacked the city.
島はたちまち怪物に飲み込まれました。 The island was instantly swallowed up by the monster.
と、その時、おじいさんとおばあさんの目の前で二人の姿は変わっていきました。 But then before the man's and the woman's eyes, the children transformed.
二人は夢幻ポケモン、ラティオスとラティアスだったのです。 They were the mirage Pokémon Latias and Latios.
二匹は空から仲間を呼び寄せました。 The two of them called their friends from the sky.
彼らは、邪悪な闇を追い払う力を持って来てくれました。 They brought the power to drive away the evil darkness.
それは、「心のしずく」という宝石だったのです。 That power was a jewel called the Soul Dew.
島には平和が戻りました。 Peace returned to the island.
それからというもの、「心のしずく」のあるこの島に、ラティオスとラティアスはしばしば立ち寄るようになりました。 And after that, Latias and Latios often visited this island, where the Soul Dew is.
この島が邪悪な怪物に襲われる事はその後、二度とありませんでした。 The island was never attacked again by the evil monster.

Note: The legend sequence was cut from the dub version of the movie, so there is no official English translation.

Super-ancient Pokémon

Main article: Super-ancient Pokémon

Long ago, the Legendary Pokémon Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon created the land and sea of the Hoenn region. Both fought each other in a catastrophic battle. After hearing prayed to Rayquaza who, through the Mega Evolution, eventually came and calmed the two. The Blue and Red Orbs put Groudon and Kyogre into a slumber that could only be ended should the Orbs be used again. The Orbs can also unlock Groudon and Kyogre's Primal forms through a process known as Primal Reversion.

Generation IV

Sinnoh myths

Main article: Sinnoh myths

The Legend of Snowpoint Temple

Encountering Regigigas in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

There's a legend that has been passed down by the people of Snowpoint City for many years:

Once after a volcano violently erupted, the Snowpoint Forest, rich in natural resources and beauty, was transformed into a sea of flowing lava.
Then, out of a bright blue light, Regigigas appeared. Along with Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.
Together, the four of them halted the volcano's eruption, thus saving Snowpoint City from destruction.
Later Regigigas transformed itself into a stone of life and fell into a deep sleep, while in order to protect Regigigas, the legend says that Regice, Regirock, and Registeel transformed into three guardian pillars made of the basic elements of rock, ice, and steel.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl as well as Platinum, the player can travel to Snowpoint Temple after obtaining the National Pokédex. If the player has all three of the Legendary titans in their party, Regigigas will awaken and be able to be battled and captured.

Sinnoh's creation

Before the beginning of Sinnoh, from a vortex of chaos emerged an egg. When Arceus hatched from this egg, it shaped the world with its thousand arms and created the land of Sinnoh. Arceus then created the Pokémon of time, the Pokémon of space and the Pokémon of antimatter. Eventually, people began to inhabit Sinnoh. Arceus then created three new Pokémon to give humans knowledge, emotions, and willpower. These three Pokémon are said to inhabit lakes in the land of Sinnoh. Dialga and Palkia inhabit the Timespace Dimensions, and Giratina was banished to the Distortion World by Arceus.

These Pokémon are encountered in their respective games, coming from their respective dimensions. Also, they can be encountered in the Generation II remakes through a special event. If the player has an Arceus in their party while in the Ruins of Alph, they can go to the Sinjoh Ruins and obtain (an egg with) one of the Legendary Pokémon of their choice.

Generation V

Tao trio

Main article: Tao trio

Several of the Unova myths revolve around Zekrom and Reshiram. It is said that the two Dragon Pokémon were once a single powerful Pokémon owned by twin heroes. However, it was split apart by the pursuit of the different beliefs of the two brothers.

The legends of Lacunosa Town dictate that when a meteorite crashed outside of the city limits, Kyurem would come out at night and eat both Pokémon and people. To prevent further raids, the people of Lacunosa built walls and forbade night travel. Even during the events of Black, White, Black 2, and White 2, everyone in Lacunosa Town stays indoors at night.

In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, a conflicting story arises. It is said that when the Original Dragon split its essence into Reshiram and Zekrom, its purposeless body became Kyurem, which stayed inside the Giant Chasm, awaiting "a hero to fill its body with truth or ideals", presumably meaning a fusion with Reshiram or Zekrom. Vague words from Professor Juniper imply that the meteor mentioned in Lacunosa Town is similar to the Dark StoneB2/Light StoneW2 in some way.

Swords of Justice

Main article: Swords of Justice

Long ago, two opposing human factions were at war, their strife resulting in a forest fire which threatened the lives of many wild Pokémon. Ensnared by the smoke, they could not escape and their demise seemed certain, until three figures appeared.

Terrakion shaped the earth and created passage by which to escape, Virizion used its speed to shield the Pokémon from sparks and embers, while their leader, Cobalion, ushered Pokémon to safety.

Despite their attempts, they were unsuccessful, as the forest had been burned to the ground. However, amongst the ashes, the three came across a lone Pokémon, Keldeo, who they took in as their own.

The trio proceeded to fight back the armies, overwhelming them with their combined might. Legends of them continue to be told today, and it has been said that if human conflict ever again threatened to safety of Pokémon, that they would return to quell the fighting and preserve a climate of peace.

Forces of Nature

Main article: Forces of Nature

Long ago, the Pokémon Thundurus and Tornadus began to fight, destroying the landscape in the process. Landorus then descended upon the two to end the dispute. It is said that should Tornadus and Thundurus ever fight again, Landorus will return to keep the peace.

In Pokémon Black 2 and White 2, it is said the Therian Formes of the Forces of Nature were the ones to fight, with Landorus coming to quell the harsh battle.

Generation VI

Aura Trio

Main article: Aura trio

Xerneas and Yveltal are great forces, being capable of giving and stealing life energy respectively. Xerneas shares life by glowing its horns in seven colors, while Yveltal's feathers near the gray pattern on its chest glow when it is about to steal life energy. When they are at the end of their lifespan, Xerneas releases all of its life energy into all the living things in around it, while Yveltal expands its wings and steals all of the life energy of every living thing around it. Afterwards, they transform into a tree and a cocoon respectively, to sleep for 1,000 years. Zygarde Cells are always monitoring the balance between Xerneas and Yveltal, and whenever it is disrupted or destroyed, Zygarde comes to unleash its wrath. These three Pokémon, according to Professor Sycamore, are "incarnations of nature that take care of the land".

A Monsieur in Anistar City recounts the legends of XerneasX/YveltalY:


"It happened around 800 years ago. The Pokémon known as Xerneas used its shining horns to illuminate the lands of Kalos. At that very moment, people and Pokémon throughout the land felt great energy and vitality surge through their bodies. At the same time, a vast forest sprang up, with Xerneas at its center. Legend has it that, when it nears the end of its thousand-year life span, Xerneas releases all of its remaining energy, sharing it with all living things nearby. There's another story I know that talks of the appearance of just such a fortuitous Pokémon. Back 3,000 years ago, the Kalos region was engulfed in a terrible war. So the tale goes, a Pokémon came to the rescue of all the wounded Pokémon that had been caught up in the conflict. Some people suspect the Pokémon that appeared was Xerneas, but there's no way to know. Maybe they just wished a Legendary Pokémon had come to the rescue to brighten a tale of woe. Supposedly, after Xerneas had released its remaining energy, it transformed into a dried-up tree. It remains in hiding deep within the forest. According to old tales, as I say. Stories and tales."


"It happened around 800 years ago. The Pokémon known as Yveltal spread its ominous wings, engulfing the lands of Kalos in darkness. At that moment, people and Pokémon throughout the land began to fall one by one. Yveltal let out a piercing cry and took to the sky, vanishing to an unknown location. Stories say that when it nears the end of its thousand-year life span, Yveltal absorbs the life force of the living things around it in order to charge its own energy. Another tale talks of the appearance of just such a terrifying Pokémon. Back 3,000 years ago, the Kalos region was engulfed in a terrible war. According to the stories, a Pokémon appeared and stole the life force of countless living beings. Some people suspect the Pokémon that appeared was Yveltal, but there's no way to know. Maybe they're just using a Legendary Pokémon as a metaphor for war and pestilence. In the tales, after Yveltal finished storing the energy it had absorbed, it transformed into a kind of cocoon, remaining in hiding deep in the mountains. According to old tales, as I say. Tales and stories."

Generation VII

Guardian deities

According to the legends of Alola, the Guardian deities serves as protectors of the island they each reside in. At one point in the past, they participated in a war against each other, while serving the royals of their representative island and using giant forms. Eventually, due to the destruction the war brought, they stopped being involved in human affairs. They occasionally fight to see who is the strongest, which lead to the creation of the Battle Royal format. Whenever an Ultra Beast appears in Alola, the deities will fiercely fight against it in order to protect their islands from invaders.

According to a book called "The Light of Alola" found in Malie Library, when SolgaleoSUS/LunalaMUM emerged from an Ultra Wormhole and fought against the Guardian deities, defeating them easily. As a reward, Tapunium Z was bestowed upon them. Then along with LunalaSUS/SolgaleoMUM, the pair proceeds to create many of the Nebula Pokémon known as Cosmog for the tapu to protect and watch over until they fully evolved before returning to Ultra Space.

According to the secret notes found hidden in the Malie Library, at one point, Necrozma the "Pillager of Light" invades Alola, stealing all of its light, shrouding the region in darkness, the Tapus fought hard to regain back the light stolen. Together with the assistance of a youth and injection with the Z-Crystals and Sparkling Stones, proceeds to banish Necrozma from Alola, restoring light back to Alola while freeing SolgaleoUS/LunalaUM that was absorbed by Necrozma.

Light trio

As said in an ancient legend on the origins of Alola, the legendary trio brought light into the Alola region when it was first created. Ultra Necrozma's light shrine the brightest of the trio, resulting in the ancient people calling it the "Blinding One".

According to a book called "The Light of Alola" found in Malie Library, a SolgaleoSUS/LunalaMUM appeared in Alola many years ago through an Ultra Wormhole. The ancient kings of Alola bowed down to the Legendary Pokémon, worshipping it. The Guardian deities battled it, but were defeated by it, who then however gave the Tapunium Z to them as a reward. The Legendary Pokémon then created several Cosmog as heirs for Alola, giving the Guardian deities the task of watching over them until they have fully evolved. In gratitude, the kings of Alola gave their thanks with a song on the Sun and Moon Flutes at the Altar of the Sunne SUS/Altar of the Moone MUM, at which point the Legendary Pokémon returned to Ultra Space.

Long ago in ancient times, Necrozma as the "Blinding One" once shared its light across Ultra Space and Alola. This led to the creation of Z-Moves and the aura that surrounds Totem Pokémon. However, the residents of Ultra Megalopolis attempted to control the Prism Pokémon in order to create light. This resulted in Necrozma being permanently injured, reducing it to a crystalline body while in constant pain. Pieces of its original body rained down onto Alola in the form of Sparkling Stones. In retaliation, Necrozma stole all the light from Ultra Megalopolis, leaving that world forever in darkness. In response, the residents locked Necrozma in the Megalo Tower in order to prevent it from escaping.

According to the secret notes found hidden in the Malie Library, Necrozma invaded Alola and stole its light, causing the region to be covered in darkness. It fought fiercely against the Guardian deities near the Tapu Village and a SolgaleoUS/LunalaUM. During which, it absorbed SolgaleoUS/LunalaUM and transforms into Dusk ManeUS/Dawn WingsUM Necrozma. When a youth came together with the Tapu and by using the power of the Z-Crystals and Sparkling Stones, they freed the Legendary Pokémon and banished Necrozma from Alola, bringing light back to it. Dubbed the "Pillager of Light" as result of moment in history, the king of Alola had all books mentioning Necrozma burned in order to prevent further panic.

Meltan and Melmetal

According to the ancient texts and research by Professor Willow, Melmetal existed 3,000 years ago living in a secluded place filled with sedimentary rocks rich containing magnetite. It was worshipped for the ability to create iron out of nothing, which was used to create special and unique metal tools. At some point, Melmetal reached the end of its life and rusted before split into multiple Meltan. Its followers wanted to keep the Meltan safe, so they placed them into the Mystery Box, serving as the only way for Melmetal to return. The box can only be unlocked when exposed to air from any natural environment.

Generation VIII

Zacian and Zamazenta

The duo were said to have guarded Galar and were believed to be the rulers of the region. Both were referred to as the Fairy King's Sword and Fighting Master's Shield respectively, earning the respect of some and the fear of others. 3,000 years ago, the duo witnessed a Wishing Star, from where Eternatus appears. As a result of Eternatus attempting to absorb Galar's energy to stay alive, a phenomenon known as the Darkest Day was said to have occurred. This black storm caused Pokémon to Dynamax and Gigantamax, while going on rampages in the process. Zacian and Zamazenta fought a hard battle against Eternatus, defeating it, before sealing it deep within the Galar region.

However, due to receiving injures from the fight, the duo retreated to the Slumbering Weald. They then transformed into statues before entering a deep sleep, supposedly lasting for eons. The duo also left behind the Rusted Sword and Rusted Shield. In time, the heroes became nearly forgotten due to slumbering for so long. The ancestors of the first kings of Galar covered up their history as well, replacing it with two young youths who saved Galar from the Darkest Day, as opposed to Zacian and Zamazenta.


Eternatus arrived in Galar inside of a meteor 20,000 years prior to the events of Pokémon Sword and Shield. 17,000 years later Eternatus began to absorb all of Galar's energy in order to stay alive. As a result, it caused a phenomenon in the shape of a black storm: the Darkest Day. This phenomenon unleashed Dynamax energy throughout the region. Eternatus's presence caused Pokémon to Dynamax and Gigantamax before going on rampages across Galar. Later, Eternatus fought a long and difficult battle against the legendary heroes Zacian and Zamazenta, ultimately being defeated by the duo. The Pokémon was sealed deep within the center of Galar in order to prevent it from awakening and causing a second Darkest Day.

Eternatus then proceeded to enter a deep slumber in order to fully heal from its injures. In time, Eternatus's power began to slowly leak out in the form of Galar Particles. As the particles spread throughout the region, they created Power Spots and Pokémon Dens where Dynamax and Gigantamax transformations can occur. Solid pieces — physical manifestations — of Eternatus’s energy also rained down as Wishing Pieces, Wishing Chips and Wishing Stars. Still holding Eternatus's power, Wishing Pieces, Chips, and Stars can summon Dynamax and Gigantamax Pokémon.

Kubfu and Urshifu

Kubfu originated from a mountain region far away from Galar. It served as guide for explorations to uncharted lands, where the descendants of Kubfu often settled. Some Kubfu eventually ended up at the Master Dojo, where they became the its "sacred armor" for those who completed the three trials. The Towers of Two Fists were built to allow Kubfu evolve into Urshifu. Urshifu's Gigantamax forms are believed to have the power to cleanse the world of evil sprits.

Galarian Legendary birds

The three Legendary birds migrate every 10 years to the Dyna Tree in the Crown Tundra. They feed on food from the tree when the sun reaches its zenith and shines directly on it. However, the three tend to clash with each other for the right to roost and feed on said tree. They were once believed to be the same as their Kantonian counterparts.

Regieleki and Regidrago

The duo were created by Regigigas using pure electric energy and crystallized dragon energy. They were later sealed away in the Split-Decision Ruins in Crown Tundra due to ancient people fearing them. The Split-Decision Ruins can only be unlocked when the three original Legendary Giants are gathered near it.

Glastrier and Spectrier

Depending on where the player plants the Carrot Seeds, one of the two Legendary Pokémon appears, and is stated to be the steed of Calyrex. Glastrier/Spectrier was known as ruffian that once ruled over the Crown Tundra as lord of all Pokémon[1]. It was known to be proud and arrogant, and only followed those it deemed the strongest. Every now and then, the steed grew angry at humans for invading its territory, so it retaliates against the humans and their Pokémon with vengeance. It regularly terrorized the residents of Freezington, a town located in the Crown Tundra. It ravaged and raided the food grown by the people, particularly the Carrot Seeds for the rare Iceroot Carrots/Shaderoot Carrots. Eventually, the horse was tamed by Calyrex who defeated the ruffian, which then became the King's loyal steed.

In gratitude, the villagers created the Reins of Unity which allowed Calyrex to fuse with its steed. When they combined for the first time, a forest was created from their union. Together, the duo spread greenery and harvest across the land of Galar. The duo resided in the Crown Shrine which was built by the villagers.

However, when the people began to lose faith in Calyrex, it became weak, and the steed abandoned it. It then went to the Crown Shrine, the former home of its partner, as a way of taunting it. It eventually faded into legend, and the people of the Crown Tundra wondered if the horse existed, and even what color it was.


Calyrex once ruled Galar, specifically the Crown Tundra, in ancient times as its king. It has the power to see every known past, present, and future event. It was known as "The King of Bountiful Harvests" as it brought lush vegetation and good harvest to the land every year. By using its right hand, it can cause the land to be covered in verdant glass and blooms, while the left hand can make the fields of fruit become ripen and heavy.

At one point, the villagers meet Calyrex when it was injured during a time when the Crown Tundra was barren and uninhabitable. It reacted in fear when the humans had opened palms, so they close their palms in order to make Calyrex feel safe. The King Pokémon was then healed by humans living in the Crown Tundra. Upon being nursed back to its full strength, Calyrex emitted a dazzling blue light. Then in gratitude, Calyrex turns the frozen Tundra they lived in into a habitable land fulled with lush and rich soil called the Crown Plains. This allowed the people to successfully thrive in the cold region.

This act earned the respect and loyalty of the people who worshiped it. They began to refer to Calyrex as a king. At one point Calyrex saved the people again from Glastrier/Spectrier, a ruffin who was the lord of the Crown Tundra. This also gave rise to the tradition of giving it an offering in gratitude each year— the Reins of Unity, which bonds Calyrex to the people it worshipped. The Reins of Unity were made by a Radiant Petal from Calyrex and mane hair from its loyal steed, Glastrier/Spectrier. The Reins of Unity allowed Calyrex to command Glastrier/Spectrier with ease. The villagers then created the Crown Shrine in order to give Calyrex and its royal steed a worthy home.

However, as time went by, people began to slowly forget about and lose faith in Calyrex. As Calyrex depends on the faith of the people, it started to slowly lose its great power. Eventually, its steed abandoned it, leaving it with only a fraction of its power. Thus, Calyrex faded into legend and fairy tales. One such tale claims that Calyrex would steal the body of a person who misbehaved.

Pedestals inscribed with the story of Calyrex are found throughout the Crown Tundra:

Giant's Foot
May 7
Once, these lusciously green lands of ours lay barren. The grass wilted. Our crops withered. This was a tundra shrouded in frigid cold. Many days into a bleak winter, a Pokémon appeared on the tundra—adorned with a regal crown yet wounded and weak. Full of pity, our people brought the Pokémon to our village and saw to its care.

Ballimere Lake
August 18
Under the care of our ancestors’ healing ways, the visitor’s wounds mended. It shrank back in fear if approached with open palms, so all kept their hands closed in its presence. Once it regained its full strength, the visitor emitted a dazzling blue light that breathed life back into our wilted fields, blessing them with the promise of harvests once more. Perhaps this was its way of showing its gratitude.

Old Cemetery
November 30
Green flourished once more around our village, and rich soil began to spread. Vast lands lay open for farming once more. The village folk began to call the visitor a king in appreciation. Our village had long been plagued by a ruffian that ran rampant through the fields, devouring crops as it pleased. But the king, resplendent in its full power, suddenly spoke to us in our tongue, vowing to rein in the ruffian.

Giant's Bed
January 2
Before long, the ruffian had bent its knees to the king and become its loyal steed. Our people’s faith in the king grew firm and unwavering. Our ancestors built a temple around the sacred sapling atop a tall mountain to give the king a worthy home. Moreover, they crafted a set of reins to let the king command its proud steed with ease.

Snowslide Slope
April 21
The king brought abundance and life to this land that was once frozen tundra. We owe these very Crown Plains to our king. As long as the bond between us people and our king holds strong, these lands will no doubt thrive for all time in fertile green.

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