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Mirakle B. (Japanese: ミラクルボ Miraklebo) is the self-proclaimed rightful successor to Miror B..

He is only beginning to work on an afro. He has colored his helmet to look like a Poké Ball, in imitation of Miror B.'s afro. His suit is yellow, like Miror B.'s suit; his boots are white. He has bronze sunglasses and a red scarf. His theme music is a sped-up, off-key version of Miror B.'s theme.

He appears in Pokémon Colosseum at the Pyrite Cave in the place of Miror B. after Miror B. himself has been defeated. He vanishes after the player has defeated Evice, to be replaced by Reath and Ferma. If he has not been battled by the time Ferma and Reath take residence in the cave, he will disappear and cannot be battled.



  • Before battle
"I'm Mirakle B.! I'm Miror B.'s rightful successor! Going to get me an afro!"
  • Being defeated
"My dreams! You've ruined my dreams of getting an afro!"
  • After being defeated
"Darn! I don't care if no one agrees, I'm still the rightful heir to Miror B.! Even though my hair hasn't grown to a full afro do..."

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Discobill
Germany Flag.png German Soul M.
Italy Flag.png Italian Discofoll
Spain Flag.png Spanish Longo

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