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Each location in the Generation III games is associated with an index number used internally by the game. These locations indices are enumerated, in order, in the table below.

Met location

When a Pokémon is caught in a Generation III game, it stores the location index as its met location in its data structure. This data is used to display where a Pokémon was caught on the Summary screen.

When a Pokémon is migrated from Generation III to Generation IV via the Pal Park, its met location index in the new Generation IV data structure is set to 0x37 ("Pal Park" in the Generation IV location index table). However, this value is ignored, and instead the Pokémon's met location is displayed based on its game of origin: "Hoenn" for Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald; "Kanto" for Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen; and "Distant Land" for Pokémon Colosseum and XD.

Unrecognised locations

Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire only recognize the white and cyan indices, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen only recognize the white and light green ones, and Pokémon Emerald recognizes all the listed indices.

Note that locations shared between Pokémon Emerald and Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen (such as Navel Rock and Altering Cave) have two separate index numbers, one for each region. Locations such as the Safari Zone and Victory Road also have two separate index numbers.

Outsider Pokémon whose met location is not recognised, or who were met in Pokémon Colosseum or XD, display "obtained in a trade" (in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald) or "Met in a trade" (in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen). A Pokémon is considered an outsider Pokémon if any of its Original Trainer's Trainer ID, Secret ID, or Original Trainer name do not match the player's.

Non-outsider Pokémon whose met location is not recognised instead display "met somewhere". Normally, this can only be seen by looking at a Pokémon in the party of another Trainer in the Trade Center, that they are the Original Trainer of.

Non-outsider Pokémon met in Pokémon Colosseum or XD may display the wrong met location in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen. This is only possible in the unlikely case that the Trainer name, Trainer ID and Secret ID of players in the two games are identical.


The rows in the table are color-coded as follows:

  • Indices in cyan (i.e. 0x00-0x57) appearing in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald,
  • Indices in light green (i.e. 0x58-0xC4) appearing in FireRed and LeafGreen,
  • Indices in dark green (i.e. 0xC4-0xD4) appearing in Emerald,
  • Indices in white (i.e. 0xFD-0xFF) appearing in all games.

The special location indices in white are:

  • 0xFD: Used by gift eggs while they are still eggs. Like all Eggs in Generation III, their met location is overwritten with where they hatched.
  • 0xFE: Used by Pokémon obtained in in-game trades.
  • 0xFF: Used by Pokémon obtained in event distributions. (Distinct from the fateful encounter flag that is set on Pokémon received from event distributions, and certain special Pokémon obtained in-game.)

The ID 0xC4 "CELADON DEPT." is internally used in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen for the Pokémon Center 2F rooms (the actual Celadon Department Store uses location ID 0x5E "CELADON CITY"). In Pokémon Emerald, this ID is instead labeled "SPECIAL AREA". Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald internally use ID 0x57 "FERRY" for the Pokémon Center 2F rooms.

# Hex Location
000 0x00 Littleroot Town
001 0x01 Oldale Town
002 0x02 Dewford Town
003 0x03 Lavaridge Town
004 0x04 Fallarbor Town
005 0x05 Verdanturf Town
006 0x06 Pacifidlog Town
007 0x07 Petalburg City
008 0x08 Slateport City
009 0x09 Mauville City
010 0x0A Rustboro City
011 0x0B Fortree City
012 0x0C Lilycove City
013 0x0D Mossdeep City
014 0x0E Sootopolis City
015 0x0F Ever Grande City
016 0x10 Route 101
017 0x11 Route 102
018 0x12 Route 103
019 0x13 Route 104
020 0x14 Route 105
021 0x15 Route 106
022 0x16 Route 107
023 0x17 Route 108
024 0x18 Route 109
025 0x19 Route 110
026 0x1A Route 111
027 0x1B Route 112
028 0x1C Route 113
029 0x1D Route 114
030 0x1E Route 115
031 0x1F Route 116
032 0x20 Route 117
033 0x21 Route 118
034 0x22 Route 119
035 0x23 Route 120
036 0x24 Route 121
037 0x25 Route 122
038 0x26 Route 123
039 0x27 Route 124
040 0x28 Route 125
041 0x29 Route 126
042 0x2A Route 127
043 0x2B Route 128
044 0x2C Route 129
045 0x2D Route 130
046 0x2E Route 131
047 0x2F Route 132
048 0x30 Route 133
049 0x31 Route 134
050 0x32 Underwater (Route 124)
051 0x33 Underwater (Route 126)
052 0x34 Underwater (Route 127)
053 0x35 Underwater (Route 128)
054 0x36 Underwater (Sootopolis City)
055 0x37 Granite Cave
056 0x38 Mt. Chimney
057 0x39 Safari Zone
058 0x3A Battle TowerRS/Battle FrontierE
059 0x3B Petalburg Woods
060 0x3C Rusturf Tunnel
061 0x3D Abandoned Ship
062 0x3E New Mauville
063 0x3F Meteor Falls
064 0x40 Meteor Falls (unused)
065 0x41 Mt. Pyre
066 0x42 Hideout (Magma HideoutR/Aqua HideoutS)
067 0x43 Shoal Cave
068 0x44 Seafloor Cavern
069 0x45 Underwater (Seafloor Cavern)
070 0x46 Victory Road
071 0x47 Mirage Island
072 0x48 Cave of Origin
073 0x49 Southern Island
074 0x4A Fiery Path
075 0x4B Fiery Path
076 0x4C Jagged Pass
077 0x4D Jagged Pass
078 0x4E Sealed Chamber
079 0x4F Underwater (Route 134)
080 0x50 Scorched Slab
081 0x51 Island Cave
082 0x52 Desert Ruins
083 0x53 Ancient Tomb
084 0x54 Inside of Truck
085 0x55 Sky Pillar
086 0x56 Secret Base
087 0x57 Ferry
088 0x58 Pallet Town
089 0x59 Viridian City
090 0x5A Pewter City
091 0x5B Cerulean City
092 0x5C Lavender Town
093 0x5D Vermilion City
094 0x5E Celadon City
095 0x5F Fuchsia City
096 0x60 Cinnabar Island
097 0x61 Indigo Plateau
098 0x62 Saffron City
099 0x63 Route 4 (Pokémon Center)
100 0x64 Route 10 (Pokémon Center)
101 0x65 Route 1
102 0x66 Route 2
103 0x67 Route 3
104 0x68 Route 4
105 0x69 Route 5
106 0x6A Route 6
107 0x6B Route 7
108 0x6C Route 8
109 0x6D Route 9
110 0x6E Route 10
111 0x6F Route 11
112 0x70 Route 12
113 0x71 Route 13
114 0x72 Route 14
115 0x73 Route 15
116 0x74 Route 16
117 0x75 Route 17
118 0x76 Route 18
119 0x77 Route 19
120 0x78 Route 20
121 0x79 Route 21
122 0x7A Route 22
123 0x7B Route 23
124 0x7C Route 24
125 0x7D Route 25
126 0x7E Viridian Forest
127 0x7F Mt. Moon
128 0x80 S.S. Anne
129 0x81 Underground Path (Routes 5-6)
130 0x82 Underground Path (Routes 7-8)
131 0x83 Diglett's Cave
132 0x84 Victory Road
133 0x85 Rocket Hideout
134 0x86 Silph Co.
135 0x87 Pokémon Mansion
136 0x88 Safari Zone
137 0x89 Pokémon League
138 0x8A Rock Tunnel
139 0x8B Seafoam Islands
140 0x8C Pokémon Tower
141 0x8D Cerulean Cave
142 0x8E Power Plant
143 0x8F One Island
144 0x90 Two Island
145 0x91 Three Island
146 0x92 Four Island
147 0x93 Five Island
148 0x94 Seven Island
149 0x95 Six Island
150 0x96 Kindle Road
151 0x97 Treasure Beach
152 0x98 Cape Brink
153 0x99 Bond Bridge
154 0x9A Three Isle Port
155 0x9B Sevii Isle 6
156 0x9C Sevii Isle 7
157 0x9D Sevii Isle 8
158 0x9E Sevii Isle 9
159 0x9F Resort Gorgeous
160 0xA0 Water Labyrinth
161 0xA1 Five Isle Meadow
162 0xA2 Memorial Pillar
163 0xA3 Outcast Island
164 0xA4 Green Path
165 0xA5 Water Path
166 0xA6 Ruin Valley
167 0xA7 Trainer Tower (exterior)
168 0xA8 Canyon Entrance
169 0xA9 Sevault Canyon
170 0xAA Tanoby Ruins
171 0xAB Sevii Isle 22
172 0xAC Sevii Isle 23
173 0xAD Sevii Isle 24
174 0xAE Navel Rock
175 0xAF Mt. Ember
176 0xB0 Berry Forest
177 0xB1 Icefall Cave
178 0xB2 Rocket Warehouse
179 0xB3 Trainer Tower
180 0xB4 Dotted Hole
181 0xB5 Lost Cave
182 0xB6 Pattern Bush
183 0xB7 Altering Cave
184 0xB8 Tanoby Chambers
185 0xB9 Three Isle Path
186 0xBA Tanoby Key
187 0xBB Birth Island
188 0xBC Monean Chamber
189 0xBD Liptoo Chamber
190 0xBE Weepth Chamber
191 0xBF Dilford Chamber
192 0xC0 Scufib Chamber
193 0xC1 Rixy Chamber
194 0xC2 Viapois Chamber
195 0xC3 Ember Spa
196 0xC4 Celadon Dept.FRLG
Special AreaE
197 0xC5 Aqua Hideout
198 0xC6 Magma Hideout
199 0xC7 Mirage Tower
200 0xC8 Birth Island
201 0xC9 Faraway Island
202 0xCA Artisan Cave
203 0xCB Marine Cave
204 0xCC Underwater (Marine Cave)
205 0xCD Terra Cave
206 0xCE Underwater (Route 105)
207 0xCF Underwater (Route 125)
208 0xD0 Underwater (Route 129)
209 0xD1 Desert Underpass
210 0xD2 Altering Cave
211 0xD3 Navel Rock
212 0xD4 Trainer Hill
253 0xFD (gift egg)
254 0xFE (in-game trade)
255 0xFF (fateful encounter)

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