List of cards by index number (TCG GB1)

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For a similar list from Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!, see List of cards by index number (TCG GB2).

This is a list of the 228 cards available in the video game Pokémon Trading Card Game, organized by their index number.


The ordering system and usage are the same in Pokémon Trading Card Game and Pokémon Card GB2: Here Comes Team GR!, except the first game uses a 1-byte system while the second game uses a 2-byte system. Additionally, the second game has more cards.

Ordering system

The index number order is organized in this way: first the Energy cards, then the Pokémon cards, then the Trainer cards. All Pokémon cards available in this game are from the Generation I. The Pokémon cards are separated by type, in this order: Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Fighting, Psychic, and Colorless. Then, they are organized by their Kanto Pokédex number, which is the same as their National Pokédex number. The number is printed on each card.

All cards of the same name are listed together. The only available Pokémon variations in this game are Flying Pikachu and Surfing Pikachu, which are listed after the normal Pikachu. All evolutionary families are listed together, except for Eevee's family which is split so each evolution is found together with the cards of their own type. Pokémon cards with the same name are organized by their level.

Usage in game

The index number is hidden from view, but the cards are often organized by their index number nonetheless. In some places which may lists cards in a random order, pressing Select causes the cards to be organized by index number. They include the player's hand, deck (when visible due to the effect of cards such as such as Energy Search or Poké Ball), the discard pile, and the list of cards received in a booster pack.

The card catalogue (a list of all cards owned by the player) and the deck editing screen are distributed in nine pages and organized by their index numbers, except the Energy cards are at the last page rather than the first. The first seven are Pokémon types, and the other two are Trainer cards, and Energy cards. The cards in a set (which can be viewed by using the "Card album" option in the PC), the deck confirmation screen (a summary of the current deck, accessed by the "Confirm" command in the deck editing screen) and the decks available in the Auto Deck Machine and Deck Save Machine are organized by the index number.

List of cards

Index numbers
No. Image Card name Type Rarity
01 TCG1 E01 Grass Energy.png Grass Energy Grass E
02 TCG1 E02 Fire Energy.png Fire Energy Fire E
03 TCG1 E03 Water Energy.png Water Energy Water E
04 TCG1 E04 Lightning Energy.png Lightning Energy Lightning E
05 TCG1 E05 Fighting Energy.png Fighting Energy Fighting E
06 TCG1 E06 Psychic Energy.png Psychic Energy Psychic E
07 TCG1 E07 Double Colorless Energy.png Double Colorless Energy Colorless E Uncommon
08 TCG1 B01 Bulbasaur.png Bulbasaur Grass Common
09 TCG1 B02 Ivysaur.png Ivysaur Grass Uncommon
0A TCG1 PXX Venusaur.png Venusaur Grass Rare
0B TCG1 B03 Venusaur.png Venusaur Grass Rare Holo
0C TCG1 B04 Caterpie.png Caterpie Grass Common
0D TCG1 B05 Metapod.png Metapod Grass Common
0E TCG1 B06 Butterfree.png Butterfree Grass Uncommon
0F TCG1 B07 Weedle.png Weedle Grass Common
10 TCG1 B08 Kakuna.png Kakuna Grass Uncommon
11 TCG1 B09 Beedrill.png Beedrill Grass Rare
12 TCG1 D01 Ekans.png Ekans Grass Common
13 TCG1 D02 Arbok.png Arbok Grass Uncommon
14 TCG1 C01 Nidoran.png Nidoran♀ Grass Common
15 TCG1 C02 Nidorina.png Nidorina Grass Uncommon
16 TCG1 C03 Nidoqueen.png Nidoqueen Grass Rare Holo
17 TCG1 A01 Nidoran.png Nidoran♂ Grass Common
18 TCG1 A02 Nidorino.png Nidorino Grass Uncommon
19 TCG1 B10 Nidoking.png Nidoking Grass Rare Holo
1A TCG1 D03 Zubat.png Zubat Grass Common
1B TCG1 D04 Golbat.png Golbat Grass Uncommon
1C TCG1 C04 Oddish.png Oddish Grass Common
1D TCG1 C05 Gloom.png Gloom Grass Uncommon
1E TCG1 C06 Vileplume.png Vileplume Grass Rare Holo
1F TCG1 C07 Paras.png Paras Grass Common
20 TCG1 C08 Parasect.png Parasect Grass Uncommon
21 TCG1 D05 Venonat.png Venonat Grass Common
22 TCG1 D06 Venomoth.png Venomoth Grass Rare Holo
23 TCG1 B11 Bellsprout.png Bellsprout Grass Common
24 TCG1 B12 Weepinbell.png Weepinbell Grass Uncommon
25 TCG1 B13 Victreebel.png Victreebel Grass Rare Holo
26 TCG1 D07 Grimer.png Grimer Grass Common
27 TCG1 D08 Muk.png Muk Grass Rare Holo
28 TCG1 C09 Exeggcute.png Exeggcute Grass Common
29 TCG1 C10 Exeggutor.png Exeggutor Grass Uncommon
2A TCG1 D09 Koffing.png Koffing Grass Common
2B TCG1 D10 Weezing.png Weezing Grass Uncommon
2C TCG1 D11 Tangela.png Tangela Grass Common
2D TCG1 A03 Tangela.png Tangela Grass Common
2E TCG1 A04 Scyther.png Scyther Grass Rare Holo
2F TCG1 A05 Pinsir.png Pinsir Grass Rare Holo
30 TCG1 A06 Charmander.png Charmander Fire Common
31 TCG1 A07 Charmeleon.png Charmeleon Fire Uncommon
32 TCG1 B14 Charizard.png Charizard Fire Rare Holo
33 TCG1 C11 Vulpix.png Vulpix Fire Common
34 TCG1 C12 Ninetales.png Ninetales Fire Rare Holo
35 TCG1 D12 Ninetales.png Ninetales Fire Rare
36 TCG1 A08 Growlithe.png Growlithe Fire Uncommon
37 TCG1 P01 Arcanine.png Arcanine Fire
38 TCG1 A09 Arcanine.png Arcanine Fire Uncommon
39 TCG1 A10 Ponyta.png Ponyta Fire Common
3A TCG1 B15 Rapidash.png Rapidash Fire Uncommon
3B TCG1 A11 Magmar.png Magmar Fire Uncommon
3C TCG1 D13 Magmar.png Magmar Fire Uncommon
3D TCG1 C13 Flareon.png Flareon Fire Uncommon
3E TCG1 B16 Flareon.png Flareon Fire Rare Holo
3F TCG1 C14 Moltres.png Moltres Fire Rare Holo
40 TCG1 P02 Moltres.png Moltres Fire Rare
41 TCG1 B17 Squirtle.png Squirtle Water Common
42 TCG1 B18 Wartortle.png Wartortle Water Uncommon
43 TCG1 B19 Blastoise.png Blastoise Water Rare Holo
44 TCG1 D14 Psyduck.png Psyduck Water Common
45 TCG1 D15 Golduck.png Golduck Water Uncommon
46 TCG1 D16 Poliwag.png Poliwag Water Common
47 TCG1 D17 Poliwhirl.png Poliwhirl Water Uncommon
48 TCG1 D18 Poliwrath.png Poliwrath Water Rare Holo
49 TCG1 D19 Tentacool.png Tentacool Water Common
4A TCG1 D20 Tentacruel.png Tentacruel Water Uncommon
4B TCG1 A12 Seel.png Seel Water Uncommon
4C TCG1 A13 Dewgong.png Dewgong Water Uncommon
4D TCG1 C15 Shellder.png Shellder Water Common
4E TCG1 C16 Cloyster.png Cloyster Water Uncommon
4F TCG1 B20 Krabby.png Krabby Water Common
50 TCG1 B21 Kingler.png Kingler Water Uncommon
51 TCG1 D21 Horsea.png Horsea Water Common
52 TCG1 D22 Seadra.png Seadra Water Uncommon
53 TCG1 A14 Goldeen.png Goldeen Water Common
54 TCG1 A15 Seaking.png Seaking Water Uncommon
55 TCG1 A16 Staryu.png Staryu Water Common
56 TCG1 B22 Starmie.png Starmie Water Common
57 TCG1 A17 Magikarp.png Magikarp Water Uncommon
58 TCG1 A18 Gyarados.png Gyarados Water Rare Holo
59 TCG1 C17 Lapras.png Lapras Water Rare Holo
5A TCG1 C18 Vaporeon.png Vaporeon Water Uncommon
5B TCG1 B23 Vaporeon.png Vaporeon Water Rare Holo
5C TCG1 C19 Omanyte.png Omanyte Water Common
5D TCG1 C20 Omastar.png Omastar Water Uncommon
5E TCG1 C21 Articuno.png Articuno Water Rare Holo
5F TCG1 P03 Articuno.png Articuno Water Rare
60 TCG1 A19 Pikachu.png Pikachu Lightning Common
61 TCG1 C22 Pikachu.png Pikachu Lightning Common
62 TCG1 P04 Pikachu.png Pikachu Lightning
63 TCG1 P05 Pikachu.png Pikachu Lightning
64 TCG1 P06 Flying Pikachu.png Flying Pikachu Lightning
65 TCG1 P07 Surfing Pikachu.png Surfing Pikachu Lightning
66 TCG1 P08 Surfing Pikachu.png Surfing Pikachu Lightning
67 TCG1 A20 Raichu.png Raichu Lightning Rare Holo
68 TCG1 C23 Raichu.png Raichu Lightning Rare Holo
69 TCG1 A21 Magnemite.png Magnemite Lightning Common
6A TCG1 D23 Magnemite.png Magnemite Lightning Common
6B TCG1 A22 Magneton.png Magneton Lightning Rare Holo
6C TCG1 D24 Magneton.png Magneton Lightning Rare Holo
6D TCG1 C24 Voltorb.png Voltorb Lightning Common
6E TCG1 D25 Electrode.png Electrode Lightning Rare
6F TCG1 C25 Electrode.png Electrode Lightning Rare Holo
70 TCG1 P09 Electabuzz.png Electabuzz Lightning
71 TCG1 A23 Electabuzz.png Electabuzz Lightning Rare
72 TCG1 C26 Jolteon.png Jolteon Lightning Uncommon
73 TCG1 B24 Jolteon.png Jolteon Lightning Rare Holo
74 TCG1 C27 Zapdos.png Zapdos Lightning Rare Holo
75 TCG1 A24 Zapdos.png Zapdos Lightning Rare Holo
76 TCG1 P10 Zapdos.png Zapdos Lightning Rare
77 TCG1 B25 Sandshrew.png Sandshrew Fighting Common
78 TCG1 B26 Sandslash.png Sandslash Fighting Uncommon
79 TCG1 A25 Diglett.png Diglett Fighting Common
7A TCG1 A26 Dugtrio.png Dugtrio Fighting Rare
7B TCG1 C28 Mankey.png Mankey Fighting Common
7C TCG1 C29 Primeape.png Primeape Fighting Uncommon
7D TCG1 A27 Machop.png Machop Fighting Common
7E TCG1 B27 Machoke.png Machoke Fighting Uncommon
7F TCG1 B28 Machamp.png Machamp Fighting Rare Holo
80 TCG1 B29 Geodude.png Geodude Fighting Common
81 TCG1 B30 Graveler.png Graveler Fighting Uncommon
82 TCG1 B31 Golem.png Golem Fighting Uncommon
83 TCG1 D26 Onix.png Onix Fighting Common
84 TCG1 B32 Cubone.png Cubone Fighting Common
85 TCG1 D27 Marowak.png Marowak Fighting Uncommon
86 TCG1 B33 Marowak.png Marowak Fighting Uncommon
87 TCG1 D28 Hitmonlee.png Hitmonlee Fighting Rare Holo
88 TCG1 A28 Hitmonchan.png Hitmonchan Fighting Rare Holo
89 TCG1 C30 Rhyhorn.png Rhyhorn Fighting Common
8A TCG1 C31 Rhydon.png Rhydon Fighting Uncommon
8B TCG1 C32 Kabuto.png Kabuto Fighting Common
8C TCG1 C33 Kabutops.png Kabutops Fighting Rare Holo
8D TCG1 C34 Aerodactyl.png Aerodactyl Fighting Rare Holo
8E TCG1 A29 Abra.png Abra Psychic Common
8F TCG1 A30 Kadabra.png Kadabra Psychic Uncommon
90 TCG1 C35 Alakazam.png Alakazam Psychic Rare Holo
91 TCG1 P11 Slowpoke.png Slowpoke Psychic
92 TCG1 D29 Slowpoke.png Slowpoke Psychic Common
93 TCG1 D30 Slowbro.png Slowbro Psychic Uncommon
94 TCG1 B34 Gastly.png Gastly Psychic Common
95 TCG1 D31 Gastly.png Gastly Psychic Uncommon
96 TCG1 D32 Haunter.png Haunter Psychic Rare Holo
97 TCG1 B35 Haunter.png Haunter Psychic Uncommon
98 TCG1 B36 Gengar.png Gengar Psychic Rare Holo
99 TCG1 C36 Drowzee.png Drowzee Psychic Common
9A TCG1 D33 Hypno.png Hypno Psychic Rare Holo
9B TCG1 D34 Mr Mime.png Mr. Mime Psychic Rare Holo
9C TCG1 B37 Jynx VC.png Jynx Psychic Uncommon
9D TCG1 D35 Mewtwo.png Mewtwo Psychic Rare Holo
9E TCG1 P12 Mewtwo.png Mewtwo Psychic
9F TCG1 P13 Mewtwo.png Mewtwo Psychic
A0 TCG1 P14 Mew.png Mew Psychic
A1 TCG1 PXX Mew.png Mew Psychic
A2 TCG1 C37 Mew.png Mew Psychic Rare Holo
A3 TCG1 B38 Pidgey.png Pidgey Colorless Common
A4 TCG1 B39 Pidgeotto.png Pidgeotto Colorless Rare
A5 TCG1 D36 Pidgeot.png Pidgeot Colorless Rare
A6 TCG1 B40 Pidgeot.png Pidgeot Colorless Rare Holo
A7 TCG1 A31 Rattata.png Rattata Colorless Common
A8 TCG1 A32 Raticate.png Raticate Colorless Uncommon
A9 TCG1 D37 Spearow.png Spearow Colorless Common
AA TCG1 D38 Fearow.png Fearow Colorless Uncommon
AB TCG1 C38 Clefairy.png Clefairy Colorless Rare Holo
AC TCG1 D39 Clefable.png Clefable Colorless Rare Holo
AD TCG1 P15 Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff Colorless
AE TCG1 B41 Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff Colorless Common
AF TCG1 A33 Jigglypuff.png Jigglypuff Colorless Common
B0 TCG1 A34 Wigglytuff.png Wigglytuff Colorless Rare Holo
B1 TCG1 A35 Meowth.png Meowth Colorless Common
B2 TCG1 C39 Meowth.png Meowth Colorless Common
B3 TCG1 C40 Persian.png Persian Colorless Uncommon
B4 TCG1 C41 Farfetchd.png Farfetch'd Colorless Uncommon
B5 TCG1 D40 Doduo.png Doduo Colorless Common
B6 TCG1 D41 Dodrio.png Dodrio Colorless Uncommon
B7 TCG1 C42 Lickitung.png Lickitung Colorless Uncommon
B8 TCG1 A36 Chansey.png Chansey Colorless Rare Holo
B9 TCG1 A37 Kangaskhan.png Kangaskhan Colorless Rare Holo
BA TCG1 C43 Tauros.png Tauros Colorless Uncommon
BB TCG1 D42 Ditto.png Ditto Colorless Rare
BC TCG1 B42 Eevee.png Eevee Colorless Common
BD TCG1 D43 Porygon.png Porygon Colorless Uncommon
BE TCG1 A38 Snorlax.png Snorlax Colorless Rare Holo
BF TCG1 C44 Dratini.png Dratini Colorless Uncommon
C0 TCG1 C45 Dragonair.png Dragonair Colorless Rare
C1 TCG1 P16 Dragonite.png Dragonite Colorless Rare Holo
C2 TCG1 C46 Dragonite.png Dragonite Colorless Rare Holo
C3 TCG1 A39 Professor Oak.png Professor Oak T Uncommon
C4 TCG1 D44 Impostor Professor Oak.png Impostor Professor Oak T Rare
C5 TCG1 A40 Bill.png Bill T Common
C6 TCG1 C47 Mr Fuji.png Mr. Fuji T Uncommon
C7 TCG1 D45 Lass.png Lass T Rare
C8 TCG1 P17 Imakuni.png Imakuni? T
C9 TCG1 B43 Pokémon Trader.png Pokémon Trader T Rare
CA TCG1 B44 Pokémon Breeder.png Pokémon Breeder T Rare
CB TCG1 B45 Clefairy Doll.png Clefairy Doll T Rare
CC TCG1 C48 Mysterious Fossil.png Mysterious Fossil T Common
CD TCG1 B46 Energy Retrieval.png Energy Retrieval T Uncommon
CE TCG1 P18 Super Energy Retrieval.png Super Energy Retrieval T
CF TCG1 B47 Energy Search.png Energy Search T Common
D0 TCG1 C49 Energy Removal.png Energy Removal T Common
D1 TCG1 D46 Super Energy Removal.png Super Energy Removal T Rare
D2 TCG1 A41 Switch.png Switch T Common
D3 TCG1 C50 Pokémon Center.png Pokémon Center T Uncommon
D4 TCG1 A42 Poké Ball.png Poké Ball T Common
D5 TCG1 A43 Scoop Up.png Scoop Up T Rare
D6 TCG1 A44 Computer Search.png Computer Search T Rare
D7 TCG1 D47 Pokédex.png Pokédex T Uncommon
D8 TCG1 A45 PlusPower.png PlusPower T Uncommon
D9 TCG1 A46 Defender.png Defender T Uncommon
DA TCG1 A47 Item Finder.png Item Finder T Rare
DB TCG1 B48 Gust of Wind.png Gust of Wind T Common
DC TCG1 D48 Devolution Spray.png Devolution Spray T Rare
DD TCG1 A48 Potion.png Potion T Common
DE TCG1 B49 Super Potion.png Super Potion T Uncommon
DF TCG1 A49 Full Heal.png Full Heal T Uncommon
E0 TCG1 A50 Revive.png Revive T Uncommon
E1 TCG1 D49 Maintenance.png Maintenance T Uncommon
E2 TCG1 B50 Pokémon Flute.png Pokémon Flute T Uncommon
E3 TCG1 D50 Gambler.png Gambler T Common
E4 TCG1 D51 Recycle.png Recycle T Common

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