List of Pokémon Quiz Puzzle Land Pikachu is a Famous Detective chapters

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The following is a list of chapters from the Pokémon Quiz Puzzle Land Pikachu is a Famous Detective manga created by 嵩瀬 ひろし Hiroshi Seto and 須藤 ゆみこ Yumiko Sudo. Altogether, there are 13 regular chapters and one special chapter.

Volume 1

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
QPL01 ピカチュウたんてい団はっしんだピッカ!! Pikachu Exploration Team Dispatch, Pikka!!
QPL02 ピクニックおやつをとりかえすピッカ!! Retrieve the Picnic Snacks Pikka!!
QPL03 マジックショーはクイズだらけピッカ!! The Magic Show is Full of Quizzes, Pikka!!
QPL04 ミュウの像を守りぬくピッカ!! Protect Mew's Image, Pikka!!
QPL05 ペロリンキャンヂィを食べたいピッカ!! I Want to Eat a Lollipop, Pikka!!
QPL06 メリークリスマス!クイズで対決ピッカ!! Merry Christmas! Quiz Showdown, Pikka!!
QPLB1 いたいパーチィーはイヤだニャー!! Sore Party is a Pain, Nyaa!!

Volume 2

Japanese title Japanese title (translated)
QPL07 どっちが名たんていか決めるピッカ!! Which Great Detective Should I Pick!, Pikka!!
QPL08 黄金の仮面を守るんだピッカ!! Guard the Golden Mask, Pikka!!
QPL09 ニャースの城はクイズだらけだピッカ!! Meowth's Castle is Full of Quizes, Pikka!!
QPL10 まいごのマナフィを見つけるピッカ!! Find the Lost Manaphy, Pikka!!
QPL11 盗まれたお宝をとりかえすピッカ!! Retrieve the Stolen Treasure, Pikka!!
QPL12 カワイイたんてい団大かつやくピッカ!! Cute Detective Team Gets Active, Pikka!!
QPL13 ニャースとマラソンたいけつだピッカ!! Nyarth and Marathon Showdown (Pikka!!)

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