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Color templates guide

Video Game Types

Bug color light: C6D16E {{Bug color light}}
Bug color: A8B820 {{Bug color}}
Bug color dark: 6D7815 {{Bug color dark}}
Dark color light: A29288 {{Dark color light}}
Dark color: 705848 {{Dark color}}
Dark color dark: 49392F {{Dark color dark}}
Dragon color light: A27DFA {{Dragon color light}}
Dragon color: 7038F8 {{Dragon color}}
Dragon color dark: 4924A1 {{Dragon color dark}}
Electric color light: FAE078 {{Electric color light}}
Electric color: F8D030 {{Electric color}}
Electric color dark: A1871F {{Electric color dark}}
Fairy color light: F4BDC9 {{Fairy color light}}
Fairy color: EE99AC {{Fairy color}}
Fairy color dark: 9B6470 {{Fairy color dark}}
Fighting color light: D67873 {{Fighting color light}}
Fighting color: C03028 {{Fighting color}}
Fighting color dark: 7D1F1A {{Fighting color dark}}
Fire color light: F5AC78 {{Fire color light}}
Fire color: F08030 {{Fire color}}
Fire color dark: 9C531F {{Fire color dark}}
Flying color light: C6B7F5 {{Flying color light}}
Flying color: A890F0 {{Flying color}}
Flying color dark: 6D5E9C {{Flying color dark}}
Ghost color light: A292BC {{Ghost color light}}
Ghost color: 705898 {{Ghost color}}
Ghost color dark: 493963 {{Ghost color dark}}
Grass color light: A7DB8D {{Grass color light}}
Grass color: 78C850 {{Grass color}}
Grass color dark: 4E8234 {{Grass color dark}}
Ground color light: EBD69D {{Ground color light}}
Ground color: E0C068 {{Ground color}}
Ground color dark: 927D44 {{Ground color dark}}
Ice color light: BCE6E6 {{Ice color light}}
Ice color: 98D8D8 {{Ice color}}
Ice color dark: 638D8D {{Ice color dark}}
Normal color light: C6C6A7 {{Normal color light}}
Normal color: A8A878 {{Normal color}}
Normal color dark: 6D6D4E {{Normal color dark}}
Poison color light: C183C1 {{Poison color light}}
Poison color: A040A0 {{Poison color}}
Poison color dark: 682A68 {{Poison color dark}}
Psychic color light: FA92B2 {{Psychic color light}}
Psychic color: F85888 {{Psychic color}}
Psychic color dark: A13959 {{Psychic color dark}}
Rock color light: D1C17D {{Rock color light}}
Rock color: B8A038 {{Rock color}}
Rock color dark: 786824 {{Rock color dark}}
Steel color light: D1D1E0 {{Steel color light}}
Steel color: B8B8D0 {{Steel color}}
Steel color dark: 787887 {{Steel color dark}}
Water color light: 9DB7F5 {{Water color light}}
Water color: 6890F0 {{Water color}}
Water color dark: 445E9C {{Water color dark}}
??? color light: 9DC1B7 {{Unknown color light}}
??? color: 68A090 {{Unknown color}}
??? color dark: 44685E {{Unknown color dark}}
??? text color: FFFFFF {{??? textcolor}}

TCG Types

Colorless color light: EEE4E0 {{Tcg colorless color light}}
Colorless Colorless color: E5D6D0 {{Tcg colorless color}}
Colorless color dark: 958B87 {{Tcg colorless color dark}}
Darkness color light: 767775 {{Tcg darkness color light}}
Darkness Darkness color: 2C2E2B {{Tcg darkness color}}
Darkness color dark: 1D1E1C {{Tcg darkness color dark}}
Dragon color light: DAC266 {{Tcg dragon color light}}
Dragon Dragon color: C6A114 {{Tcg dragon color}}
Dragon color dark: 81690D {{Tcg dragon color dark}}
Fairy color light: EA7EAE {{Tcg fairy color light}}
Fairy Fairy color: E03A83 {{Tcg fairy color}}
Fairy color dark: 912555 {{Tcg fairy color dark}}
Fighting color light: FF8D6D {{Tcg fighting color light}}
Fighting Fighting color: FF501F {{Tcg fighting color}}
Fighting color dark: A63414 {{Tcg fighting color dark}}
Fire color light: EC8484 {{Tcg fire color light}}
Fire Fire color: E24242 {{Tcg fire color}}
Fire color dark: 932B2B {{Tcg fire color dark}}
Grass color light: AAD15E {{Tcg grass color light}}
Grass Grass color: 7DB808 {{Tcg grass color}}
Grass color dark: 517805 {{Tcg grass color dark}}
Lightning color light: FCCE7C {{Tcg lightning color light}}
Lightning Lightning color: FAB536 {{Tcg lightning color}}
Lightning color dark: A37523 {{Tcg lightning color dark}}
Metal color light: B3A6A1 {{Tcg metal color light}}
Metal Metal color: 8A776E {{Tcg metal color}}
Metal color dark: 5A4D48 {{Tcg metal color dark}}
Psychic color light: C596BD {{Tcg psychic color light}}
Psychic Psychic color: A65E9A {{Tcg psychic color}}
Psychic color dark: 6C3D64 {{Tcg psychic color dark}}
Water color light: 94DBEE {{Tcg water color light}}
Water Water color: 5BC7E5 {{Tcg water color}}
Water color dark: 3B8295 {{Tcg water color dark}}


Arceus color light: A292BC {{Arceus color light}}
Arceus color: 705898 {{Arceus color}}
Arceus color dark: 493963 {{Arceus color dark}}
Rainbow color light 94DBEE {{Tcg rainbow color light}}
Any Rainbow color 5BC7E5 {{Tcg rainbow color}}
Rainbow color dark 3B8295 {{Tcg rainbow color dark}}
Full-Plate color light FAE078 {{Full-Plate color light}}
Battrio Full-Plate type.png Full-Plate color F8D030 {{Full-Plate color}}
Eleven-Plate color light C6B7F5 {{Eleven-Plate color light}}
Battrio Eleven-Plate type.png Eleven-Plate color A890F0 {{Eleven-Plate color}}

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