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Now that you have arrived at Turffield, you will be greeted by Sonia's Yamper. Follow it across the path to the left, and you will meet up with Sonia. She will discuss the massive geoglyph appearing before you and its potential connection to the legend of the Darkest Day and Dynamax. Afterwards, heal up your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center and obtain some Potions if necessary.

Turffield Stadium

Next, head up to the big stadium up front. You will meet up with Hop who has already defeated Milo, and later you will enter the Gym. You will meet up with the Ball Guy, who will give you a Friend Ball. Meet up with the person in front of the gate, and sign up to partake in the Turffield Gym Puzzle.

For the first gym in the Galar region, this puzzle is based on chasing down a flock of 20 Wooloo. They will move away from you as you approach from behind. For each checkpoint, get all 20 Wooloo to the end mat in front of a log wall, after which they will roll into it and proceed to the next column. For later columns, a Yamper will step in and bark to chase the Wooloo down different directions, effectively serving as obstacles in your way. The Yamper will stop once you challenge and defeat the Trainer in that column.

After you have chased down all 20 Wooloo to the end, you can enter the gate to the stadium field and will pass the Gym Challenge. Milo will challenge you to your very first Gym Battle in Galar: and he uses Gossifleur and Eldegoss. If you're not already familiar with Dynamax, you can utilize it here. Once Milo sends out his Eldegoss, he will immediately Dynamax it in the following turn.

After defeating Milo, you will obtain the Grass Badge as well as TM10 (Magical Leaf).

Route 5

After you have obtained the Grass Badge, head on to Route 5. You will meet several Trainers along the way, and at the end, you will battle Hop again.

There is a Day Care where you can raise and breed your Pokémon. A prize Toxel can also be obtained here, if you wish.

A nearby Pokémon Camp is available to visit. This can also function as a Fly point for this route.

When you come across the bridge on Route 5, you will meet with a Doctor who is being obstructed by a pair of Team Yell grunts. As a reward for defeating the Grunts, he will give you the Rotom Bike. Now you can press + or - to activate the bike and move at even faster speeds.

At the end of the route lies Hulbury.

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