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Route 1

Galar Route 1

Now that you have a Pokémon, you can explore the tall grass on the right side of the route towards Wedgehurst. The main path is blocked by Wooloo, so you will now have to take the detour around through tall grass, where there are plenty of wild Pokémon available. You already have five Poké Balls, so you will have the option to catch any of these Pokémon should you wish.

Head straight north through this route to Wedgehurst when you are done.



Upon reaching Wedgehurst, you'll meet up with Leon for a visit to the Pokémon Research Lab situated on the town's east side. Inside the lab, you'll meet Sonia, a childhood companion of Leon and the assistant, as well as granddaughter, of Professor Magnolia. It's at this point that you'll receive the indispensable Pokédex. Sonia will task you with a visit to her grandmother's residence across Route 2.

After you leave the lab and head further through Wedgehurst, Hop will offer to show you around the Pokémon Center. Feel free to decline his tutorial if you're already well-versed in the mechanics of Pokémon Centers. There are three stations within Galar Pokémon Centers. On the left is a Move Tutor who will rate nicknames, and help with remembering or forgetting a move. In the center is the healing station and on the right is a Poké Mart.

After exiting the Pokémon Center for the first time speak with the girl on the right to register your birthdate and have your fortune told.

Route 2

Moving on to Route 2, you will meet with Hop before a patch of tall grass. If you haven't already caught a Pokémon, Leon will step in and provide a tutorial on how to catch one.This will be skipped however, if you have already captured a Pokémon on Route 1. Leon will also gift you with 20 Poké Balls. You can catch a slew of new Pokémon here, and there are three novice trainers along the way who will challenge you to a battle.

Head north east through the route when you're done to reach Professor Magnolia's house.

Magnolia's House

After your arrival at Professor Magnolia's house, Leon expresses his reservations about endorsing you and Hop for the Gym Challenge. Magnolia encourages him to endorse both you and Hop, and Leon proposes the two of you battle to prove your worthiness. Head outside to battle Hop.

Grookey If the player chose Grookey: Scorbunny If the player chose Scorbunny: Sobble If the player chose Sobble:

Afterwards, you are both endorsed by Leon, and a pair of Wishing Stars will drop from the sky. Magnolia will take both of these and use them for Dynamax Bands that she will gift to you the next morning. After receiving these, head back south to Wedgehurst to continue your journey.

Wedgehurst (Return Visit)

When you get to Wedgehurst, head straight to the station in the south west of the town.

Wedgehurst Station

When you head into the station, your mom will stop you to give you the Camping Gear before you continue. There is another Poké Mart in the station that is identical to the one in the Pokémon Centre. Once you receive this, head onto the train to continue your journey into the Wild Area.

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