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This is the Bulbapedia walkthrough for Pokémon Red and Blue.
These pages follow the original Game Boy iteration, not FireRed and LeafGreen. The guide for those games can be found here.

Route 22

Route 22
Route 23

Route 22 is a simple route that connects Viridian City to the Pokémon League Reception Gate in the west.

Rival Battle 7

As you attempt to travel westward, Blue appears and challenges you again. His Pokémon are no pushovers, but play to their weaknesses and they should not last very long.

Bulbasaur If the player chose Bulbasaur:

Charmander If the player chose Charmander:

Squirtle If the player chose Squirtle:

Route 23 (South)

Front Gate

Route 23 is a lengthy road that links the Pokémon League Reception Gate to Indigo Plateau. Victory Road is located on the north side.

VIPs Only

All Trainers traveling to Indigo Plateau must present their Badges to prove their worth. The first guard looks to see if a Trainer has earned the Boulder Badge. The other guards are posted at various checkpoints farther along the route to inspect each Trainer for the other seven Badges. Once the last guard has verified that you have earned the Earth Badge, you are free to enter Victory Road.

Victory Road, 1F
Victory Road, 2F
Victory Road, 3F

Victory Road

There are several large boulders in Victory Road that can only be moved with Strength, like in the Seafoam Islands. However, instead of dropping them down through holes in the floor, they must be moved onto pressure switches to unlock new areas.


Near the entrance, there is a boulder to the west and a pressure switch to the east. To activate the switch, use Strength to move the boulder in the following order: ↓1, →4, ↑2, →7, ↑2, →1, and ↓1. Doing so removes the barrier on the rocky ridge. Head to the northeast area to find two items near the north wall. The cave's narrow layout forces you to use the boulder here to block off one item in order to reach the other. Collect either the Rare Candy or TM47 (Sky Attack), then exit and re-enter the cave to reset the puzzle and reach the other item. Go west past the two Cooltrainers and climb up the ladder to the northwest.


Another boulder can be found to the south. Push this one southwestward (←1, ↓2, ←2) to reach the switch and clear the next barrier. Walk along the rocky ridge and go down the first stairway. Pick up TM05 (Mega Kick) to the west, then head northeastward to reach a Full Heal and TM17 (Submission). Climb the northeast ladder to the third floor.


Go northeast to fight a Cooltrainer♂ and pick up a Max Revive. Head to the northwest area to find TM47 (Explosion) and another switch. Climb down the ladder to reach a separate part of the second floor.


Battle the PokéManiac and pick up the Guard Spec. on the rock next to him. Moltres, the third of the Legendary birds, is roosting nearby.

VS Moltres

Moltres is third and final member of the Legendary birds. Use Water- and Electric-type attacks to weaken it quickly, then follow up with Grass and Fighting moves to wear its health down further. Like with Articuno and Zapdos, inflicting status ailments like Sleep and Paralysis will help increase the chances of capturing it.

Spr 1b 146.png
Fire Flying
Moltres Lv.50
Fire Spin

When the battle is over, take the ladder back up to the third floor.


Go back to the boulder in the northeast area and push it all the way westward (↑2, ←16, ↓1, ←4, ↓3, →1) to reach the switch. This removes the next barrier so that you can reach the southern area. Walk across the rocky ridge and go south to battle two more Cooltrainers. Head east and push the boulder here down the hole in the floor, then jump down after it.


Shove the boulder all the way westward to the switch. This removes the barrier near where the boulder landed. Climb up onto the ridge and take the ladder up to the third floor.


Climb down the next ladder back to the second floor.


Inspect the rock next to the ladder to find a Full Restore. Take the eastern exit to return to Route 23.

Route 23 (North)

Follow the tiled pathway to the north and head through the maze of Pokémon statues to finally reach Indigo Plateau.

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