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Lyra Forest

Enter Lyra Forest like you did before but briefly pause as Professor Hastings explains how the Grass Poké Assist works. The Poison and Ground Poké Assists work in the same way, so listen carefully. Continue up a little further and stop again as Hastings explains the Water Poké Assist. This time listen even more carefully as the Rock and Bug Poké Assists work in the same way. Now you will come to some bundled hay. Capture a 255Torchic and use its Field Move to burn down the hay and then proceed onwards. Follow the path (capturing the 172Pichu if you want to heal up) until you reach a log. Double back and capture a 256Combusken after it jumps out of a bush. Now continue to Krokka tunnel.

Krokka Tunnel

After entering Krokka Tunnel, head west and go through the north door (all the south door contains are some 129Magikarp and a fisherman, but you are on a ledge so all you can do is talk to the fisherman). Head west and stop as Professor Hastings tries to examine a Dugtrio. All of a sudden big boulders fall down splitting you from Hastings. Capture the 046Paras and use it to cut down the wooden fence. Head north until you see another boulder and then head west and go through the door. Capture both the 060Poliwag and avoid the Paras while heading south. You will see the Go-Rock squad take the super styler from the professor. Follow them out onto East Road, capturing a 081Magnemite and saving. Fight 112Rhydon and use the Poliwag for an easy capture.

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