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After getting a better-than-average rank at the Green Cup, you'll unlock another cup, called the White Cup. Slightly harder than the other one, though it should still be quite easy, being the second cup.

White Cup Courses

The White Cup introduces a new landscape. This is ice. Naturally, on ice, you'll slip.

1. White Snow Land
2. Trial Swamp
3. Lake of Mystery
4. Cracked Plains
5. Luvdisc Island

The following sections will have information on each course.

White Snow Land

"White icy plains. Be careful not to slip!"

Checkpoints: 8

You should be careful not to slip. If you land on ice from the hot air balloon, you'll get knocked out. It is also snowing here, making it very hard to see. There is also a new speed up for the ice--Icy Pad. All in all, not too hard, it's still easy enough to get around 3rd place.

Trial Swamp

"Overcome the bottomless swamps and dash forward!"

Checkpoints: 9

The swamps and oceans here are very long--there isn't even that much Swamp Pads. Try to overcome them--however, if they are too long for you, go around the swamps. This may make you last place, but if you have the ice speed up, you should be fine. Like said earlier, the oceans here are very long--so, like in earlier courses, make sure you land on land (but not on the ice, but on the snow) not in the ocean.

Lake of Mystery

"Dash and RISE on icy plains! Aim and DIVE to your destination!"

Checkpoints: 10

This may be a bit confusing, but it shouldn't be too hard. One might notice that there is an island that is entirely covered by forest--because of this, you can't land there. Instead, land near a Lapras who is near there to cross the ocean. Otherwise, this should be very intermediate.

Cracked Plains

"Complicated, cracked plains. Get across before anyone else!"

Checkpoints: 11

The description is telling the truth--it is quite complicated. At the beginning, you might be brought to last place! If you need any help, just follow the person you're behind. Don't go across the ocean and get confused since you think that you need to cross the ocean by yourself to get to Lapras.

This is the hardest stage you faced so far.

Luvdisc Island

"Go for the heart by crossing snowy lands and swamps!"

Checkpoints: 8

As this is Luvdisc Island, it is shaped like a heart--in the middle, there is another one shaped like a heart, though it is much smaller. Try not to go through the swamps, as they are quite long, especially without the Swamp Pad. Get through here like you normally would with a regular race.

Surprisingly, this one is slightly easier than the previous course.

Upon getting third or better, you'll unlock another cup, called the Blue Cup!

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