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After conquering the White Cup, the game will allow you to move on to another cup, called the Blue Cup!

Blue Cup Courses

As this is the Blue Cup, it will mostly feature Water. Green had grass, white had ice.

1. Zigzag Road
2. Steering Stream
3. Mud Plateau
4. Star Lake
5. Jirachi Mountain

The following sections will be about each course.

Zigzag Road

"Don't be fooled by the zigzags. If you get a Pad, go straight!!"


Steering Stream


Mud Plateau

"A lot of mud everywhere! Run before drowning!"


Star Lake

"Wish upon a star! Cross the lake and go ashore!"

Jirachi Mountain

"A huge mountain and visible isle. The goal is where Jirachi waits!"


After defeating this cup, you'll unlock another cup, called the Yellow Cup!

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