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Pokémon Channel
This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon Channel for the GameCube.


Four Magnemite come by, holding a TV. A Pikachu, a Torchic, a Treecko, and a Mudkip are curious about what's going on, so they follow. When the Magnemite reach a house, which is the player's, they place the TV in a room. When they leave, the TV turns on and Professor Oak greets the player and asks for his or her name. After that, Professor Oak tells the player that he or she has been selected to watch their new broadcast station. After Professor Oak explains that, he says to watch the first part in Pichu Bros. in Party Panic. After the player watches it, the player needs to go to the Report Channel to report it. After the player reports it, Professor Oak says he heard something, and wants the player to look around. Once the player looks at the sliding glass door, he or she sees a Mudkip, Torchic, Treecko, and Pikachu.

Meet Pikachu

When the player opens the sliding glass door, Mudkip, Treecko, and Torchic freak out and run away, leaving Pikachu behind. The Pikachu walks inside the player's house. Professor Oak is amazed that a wild Pikachu came into someone's house because it was curious. He asks the player to watch it and report to him anything interesting. The player then watches any show and amount of shows he or she desires before reporting to Professor Oak. After watching shows, the player reports to Professor Oak that Pikachu likes TV. You can now watch Shop 'N Squirtle and Quiz Wobbuffet.

Nice Card Binder

If the player watched Shop 'N Squirtle and ordered the Nice Card Binder, it should come by then. If so, Delibird comes to the sliding glass door and Pikachu runs over to it. The player then opens the door and Delibird brings out a cardboard box, then it flies off and Pikachu waves to it. After that, Pikachu is going through the box and finds a Nice Card Binder with a Nice Card Pack included. What Nice Cards are in the pack are random, so what would be in there is a mystery. Anything else the player buys that's an immediate delivery would also be in there. After that, Professor Oak explains how to use the Nice Card Binder and to try to get 25 Nice Cards to get it upgraded. He also said that the player can get Nice Cards from other Pokémon.

New Programs

Pikachu watches tv on day one.

Smoochum Shape Up, and PNF should be available. Watch all of these before you proceed. Professor Oak will talk with you, but in mid-conversation, Pikachu uses ThunderShock and destroys the tv! Four Magnemite bring over the Retro Tv as a temporary replacement until the Professor repairs the Ordinary Tv on day two.

The Retro Tv

After the Magnemite bring the Retro Tv, a cutscene will play where the player turns on the tv to find that Prof. Oak is about to talk with you again. He tells you that the broken tv should be repaired by tomorrow. All the shows will be in black and white on this tv.


If the player chooses to go outside after that, the player can either go out the back door, or he or she can take the front door. The back door will take you to your Backyard, while the front door will take you to the bus stop. The bus stop is not important until day three. Whichever one the player goes to, there will be Pokémon. What Pokémon is outside is not random, it just depends on what time of day it is and what weather it is. The player can direct Pikachu to a Pokémon and Pikachu will then go over to it and greet it. The Pokémon then asks a question and the player and Pikachu have to figure out the answer. The correct answers are true facts about them. When the player chooses an answer, Pikachu will then either tilt its head to the right, or nod. Tilting its head to the right means the answer is wrong, while Pikachu nodding means the answer is right. If the player got it right, Pikachu and the player will get a Platinum Nice Card with that Pokémon that gave it to you as the print on it. The Platinum Card features movement and voice. Platinum Cards aren't the only Nice Cards. The Single Cards are green and doesn't feature a voice or movement, while the Motion Cards are orange and features movement but no voice.

Planting Seeds

If the player goes out the back door and goes to the far left, he or she will discover that there is a garden where you can plant fruit seeds. If the player goes there, Pikachu will take out some seeds and put them in the ground, then water them. It will take a couple of days for the seeds to grow, so the player and Pikachu might as well do other things while they're waiting. If the plant dies, the player will have to wait until the next day to plant new seeds. If it grows to full size, a Pokémon will greet you there, the Pokémon there depends on what fruit grew. Pikachu and the Pokémon then eat the fruits together, however, the player cannot get the Nice Card from the Pokémon, he or she will have to find the Pokémon elsewhere.

Springleaf Field

The player would also discover after going out back door, there is another area through the nearby fence. That area is called Springleaf Field. The area features three windmills, clovers, a strange hole, and of course, Pokémon. If the player goes there, he or she is guaranteed to have lots of fun with Pikachu.

The Ball

If the player gets Pikachu to notice the strange hole near where you came from, Pikachu will ask if it can check the hole. If the player says 'Yes', Pikachu will check the hole. After a few seconds of searching, Pikachu finds a blue and red beach ball. Pikachu may hold onto it for a few seconds, then ask if it can play 'Catch' with you. To get through the minigame, you must follow Pikachu's orders of where it wants the ball to land. After the game ends, you can get Pikachu to notice the ball again. After that, it may do one of three things. One, Pikachu will ignore it, two, Pikachu will pick it up and eventually ask if it can play 'Catch' with you again, or three, Pikachu picks up the ball and asks if it can eat it. If Pikachu asks to eat it and the player says 'Yes', Pikachu will try to eat the ball and realize that the ball isn't edible. It will not be too happy about this fact. This is optional.

Clover Patch

If the player gets Pikachu to notice the clover patch, Pikachu may search for a Four-Leaf Clover. Finding a Four-Leaf Clover is very rare, and can only be obtained once. If Pikachu finds one, when the player goes back to his or her home and he or she looks at the Sunkern Flower Pot at the window, the player will see that the Four-Leaf Clover has been transferred to the flower pot. This is optional.

Back to the First Part

If the player goes back to the backyard and gets Pikachu to notice the wooden box in the middle of the area, Pikachu may ask if it can look through it. If the player says 'Yes', Pikachu will search it. After a few seconds, Pikachu will find a Banana. Pikachu may ask if it can eat it. If the player says 'Yes', Pikachu will eat the Banana and throw the Banana Peel. After a couple of minutes, Pikachu may walk on the Banana Peel and slip on it. Pikachu will then get upset. This is completely optional as well.

Back Inside

When the player goes inside, he or she has some choices of what to do. One, watch TV, two, the player can look around, three, you can save and quit for the day. If the player chooses to look around, he or she can find that there are many things for Pikachu to interact with, including a Ditto Cushion, which Pikachu kicks around. If the player points Pikachu to the bed, Pikachu may ask to look under it. If the player says 'Yes', Pikachu will look under the bed. After a while, Pikachu will find a Pokémon mini. It was the one the player lost and Pikachu found it. The player can then play it and Shop N Squirtle would then stock up on Pokémon Mini games. Again, this is optional.

Using the Pokémon mini

Pikachu finds your missing Pokémon Mini!

If the player chooses to play the Pokémon mini, he or she will discover that only one game is there, which is Snorlax's Lunchtime.

Snorlax's Lunchtime

If the player chooses to play Snorlax's Lunchtime, he or she plays as Snorlax. The object of the game is to eat food as fast as the player can, but not try to eat the Pichu, or the game ends because the Pichu gets angry. If the player sets a high score, he or she can put his or her initials on the high score list.

Day Two

Four Magnemite bring the Ordinary Tv back to Mintale Town, but more specifically, the player's house. The Magnemite drop the Tv in midair, only to catch it before it falls and breaks again. After that, Pikachu regrets breaking it. Pikachu will start to become friends with you. Shop n' Squirtle will be selling the Viridian pass and the Pokémon Mini game "Pokémon Puzzle Petit". The new channels will be Slowpoke's Weather Report, Smeargle's Art Study, and Pichu Bros. 2

Viridian Bus

Wait at the bus stop until a bus with a Teddiursa print on it. Get in the bus and you will go to the nearby forest with lots of fun things to do (Depending on what time of day and what weather it is)

Viridian Forest

Here you will find three Pokémon waiting to befriend you. In the daytime when it's either clear or cloudy, look for a bell in the background and click on it. This will enter Pikachu into a group concert. This group will contain a Slowpoke, Pikachu, and either Cleffa or Togepi. There are also Nutritious Mushrooms for Pikachu to eat.

Day Three

On this day, you can find the Cobalt Pass and Poké Dolls available at Shop n' Squirtle. As you did yesterday, buy it. As always, a Delibird will deliver it, along with anything besides the Viridian Pass that you ordered yesterday. The new Channels are Chansey's Fortune, Eggzamination, and, of course, Pichu Bros. Part 3.

Cobalt Pass

Order the Cobalt Pass from Shop n' Squirtle and wait until Delibird delivers it to your house, which should be just a few seconds after the show is done.

Cobalt Bus

After retrieving the Cobalt Pass from Delibird, go to the bus stop and wait until the Cobalt Bus arrives. It's the one with the Wingull picture on it (Ironically, Wingull doesn't appear in Cobalt Coast at all). Press A on it and the game will ask if you want to get on the bus. Click 'Yes' to go to Cobalt Coast.

Cobalt Coast

You should be in Cobalt Coast now. Here you can do many fun things with Pikachu (If it's not raining). These activities are, a Secret Cove where you and Pikachu can go fishing, a game of Tic-Tac-Toe, and, of course, befriending other Pokémon. Note: There is a VERY HIGH chance of one of the Pokémon you find here being an Azurill.

Superior Binder

You should have 25 Nice Cards by now. Go back to your house and the Professor will say he has a gift for your efforts. Pikachu will open the back door to be startled by a Magnemite that barges in there. It flies around a bit and then places something on te desk next to the Pokémon Mini. This object is called the Superior Binder, which can hold 50 Nice Cards.

Day Four

Today, Shop n' Squirtle will be selling the Snowfall Pass. Long story short, buy it, use it, keep it. This will take you to Mt. Snowfall. The new channels are Pichu Bros. Part 4, Mareep Farm, Chum Chum Ranking, and Odd One Out. You should also have the Snorlax Doll by now, though this is completely optional.

Snowfall Bus

Go outside and wait until the bus with the Poochyena print on it. Again, the Pokémon pictured on the bus do not appear in the game, other than in the picture on the bus.

Mt. Snowfall

Here, there are lots of fun stuff to do! You can make a snowman, look inside an igloo, and witness the concert of Jigglypuff and Kecleon.

Day Five

The day will start with breaking news from PNF! A Magnemite dropped the Program Disc on the way to the broadcasting station. A Blaziken says that he saw it at Mt. Snowfall. You should also have the Gengar doll now.

Back to Springleaf Field

Talk to Duskull and he will want a ball. Look in the strange hole from earlier to find one. Press A on the ball and Pikachu will give it to Duskull. Duskull will give Pikachu the Duskull Lamp.

Mt. Snowfall

Go to Mt. Snowfall and you will find a sign labelled "Ruins of Truth". Go there.

Ruins of Truth

Talk to Gengar and Pikachu will use the Duskull Lamp on it. Now Gengar's reaction is a surprise! Anyway, now that Gengar is out of the way, you can get in the Ruins of Truth. Once you get in, it will be pitch black and Pikachu will be scared. Go to the left and use ThunderShock on the odd flowers to light the place up. Go forward to the room with the stone tablet. Answer the question correct to get the Golbat Statue to come up. Pikachu will look inside, but get stuck! Get him out! He will come out with the program disc. If the answer is incorrect, an actual Golbat will appear instead, forcing the player to leave, though he or she can come back to try again, even if it's on the same day.


Exit the ruins and Magnemite will thank you and fly away with the disc. Return home. Now turn on the TV and watch Pichu Bros. Part Five.

Meowth's Party

This part will depict Meowth's Party from earlier in the Pichu Bros. series. He will sing the song "Meowth's Party" in this part and he will interact with many different objects and Pokémon, including a slot machine, a Mr. Mime that climbs an invisible wall, and a trio of Machop that catch Meowth during a stage dive. What he interacts with is different every time.

Day Six

Pikachu is sleeping on your bed. He wakes up and Professor Oak talks to you. He tells you that your Gift is almost done.

The End?

Just after you're done talking to Oak, Jirachi comes through the door! He takes you to Camp Starlight. The Star Projector is there and it projects into the sky all five parts of Pichu Bros. The credits take place during this presentation. (Before you watch it, grab a good cup of hot chocolate because you can't skip this). After this, the words The End are shown and you are brought to the title screen. Now if you do new game or continue from where you left off is up to you because this walkthrough showed everything you need to do.

Extra Features

Once you get 50 Nice Cards, you will get the Prime Binder, which can hold 101 Nice Cards. You can buy the Pikachu TV after getting all the Nice Cards. You can also get the Pichu Bros. Full Version program disc (English and Japanese are separate program discs) from crates. Find Togepi and it will give you the Hosted by Kasumi Full Version (This one is entirely in Japanese).

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