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Waterfall Colosseum

Waterfall Colosseum (Japanese: ウォーターコロシアム Water Colosseum) is the third Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. The battle theme is Team Battles. The Colosseum leader is Colosseum Leader Marina. Like most other Colosseums, there are 7 battles in all.

Battles here are always depicted as being held in the daytime.

Waterfall Colosseum

The battle theme, Team Battle, makes you pick five out of six of your party members, and individually faces them off in elimination one-on-one fights against the opponent's 5 Pokémon. You are not allowed to switch Pokémon; knocking out the opponent's Pokémon gets you a star and an O appears next to the player's Pokémon. The inverse is also true: if the opponent's Pokémon beats the player, they get a star and an O, and your Pokémon gets an X. Then the second Pokémon the player picked goes up against the opponents second Pokémon. The minimum amount of battles is 3; the first Trainer to get 3 victories/stars (out of five possible battles) wins.

Beating this Colosseum for the first time in Level 30 Open mode gets you a Pikachu facepaint, a custom Battle Pass with Waterfall Colosseum in the background, and 350 Poké Coupons. It also unlocks 10 items of gear in the shop, two new Rental Passes at Gateway Colosseum, and the next two Colosseums.

The default mode of battle here is Single Battle. An option to change this to Double Battle is made available after beating Rank 1 for the first time.

The Pokémon and Trainers are not set, except during the first time you battle here, at Rank 1 Level 30 Open, and the first time you battles using the Level 50 All Mode, Rank 1 Level 50 All. The Trainers, and the Pokémon they have, are as follows during Level 30 Open, Rank 1.

Battle Name: Team Battle

Availability: Open after beating Gateway or Main Street Colosseum.

Level Rank: Lv30 open

Battle style: Single Battle

Price money base amount: ???

First challenge rank: 1

Camouflage: Grass

Highest rank: ?

Nature Power: Seed Bomb

Number of opponent: 6 trainer + 1 master

Secret Power: causes Sleep

Level 30 open, Rank 1

Battle 1

Battle 2

Battle 3

Battle 4

Battle 5



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