Appendix:Pokémon Battle Revolution walkthrough

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Pokémon Battle Revolution
This is an in-depth walkthrough for Pokémon Battle Revolution for Wii.


Section 1 The beginning, Gateway Colosseum, Rental Passes and Custom Passes.

Section 2 Main Street Colosseum

Section 3 Waterfall Colosseum

Section 4 Neon Colosseum

Section 5 Crystal Colosseum

Section 6 Sunny Park Colosseum

Section 7 Magma Colosseum

Section 8 Sunset Colosseum

Section 9 Courtyard Colosseum

Section 10 Stargazer Colosseum & Ending

Post Ending

Section 11 Gateway, Sunny Park, and Courtyard Colosseums

Section 12 Stargazer Colosseum, Masters Battle

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