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Iceberg Zone アイスゾーン
Ice Zone
Iceberg Zone
Zone Info
Zone Leader Empoleon
Drifblim Stop Near the icicle tree and Prinplup's chairlift.
Area Info
Area Keeper
Drifblim Stop
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{{{area2}}} None
{{{area3}}} None
Connecting Zones
Beach Zone
Second connected zone
Third connected zone
Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

When you arrive, Lapras will tell you how to make it up to Empoleon--just go up the center slope. She also becomes friends with you, since she has put her faith in you--she really hopes you can speak to Empoleon and reason with him!

However, that probably isn't going to be happening anytime soon, as when you talk to a Piloswine, Empoleon's gatekeeper, he explains that Empoleon has froze this door so it can't be opened. Apparently, he can't open it since his tusks aren't strong enough, and says that only a might Mamoswine can open it. But unfortunately, Mamoswine has been frozen by Empoleon and put across the lake so no one could break him. And apparently, the lake isn't frozen, so you can't walk across it...


...however that problem is soon to be solved by finding a Pokémon called Froslass! As explained by a Teddiursa if Froslass was here, then she would be able to freeze the lake easily with her Blizzard attack.

"If"? Does that mean Froslass isn't here?

Unfortunately, Froslass isn't here, as said from a very upset Glalie. He's upset since he had a fight with Froslass, who in anger, has gone down to Prinplup's Chairlift and settled down there. Apparently, he wants to impress her by making igloos. You make igloos by collecting ice blocks, and he's already collected a considerable amount. However, he needs a few more.

Ice blocks are a bit similar to Lumber, as you can pick them up and hand them over to the Pokémon in need. Unlike Lumber, ice blocks are not found in broken boxes, instead simply laying there on the cold floor. Pick a few up and hand them over to Glalie, who'll make some igloos and cause an Ursaring to come and go in.

Since she went down to Prinplup's Chairlift, go to the far left of the lake and head over where the sign look similar to a chairlift. That's where Prinplup will be, and once you go down, Froslass!

Prinplup's Chairlift

When you get there, as usual, a Speech Bubble will be on top of Prinplup's head. Talk to him, in the hopes of being able to use the chairlift, however Prinplup refuses since he doesn't want you to go on the chairlift...without a battle!


After defeating him, he's surprised and doesn't admit that he thinks you're good. He hastily allows you to go onto the chairlift, which he turns on. Press 2 on one of the chairs to get on!


Since there are many Quagsire and Wingull here, Froslass should be very distinctive. When you talk to her and try to explain to her that Glalie wants her back, she scoffs and says that Glalie should not be lazy and come down here himself. Then, when you tell her that you need her to freeze the lake with her Blizzard, she says she could do that easily, and she will be coming with you...after the battle!


After defeating her, she says she's surprised that someone like you could defeat her that easily. She also says she was going to go back to Glalie anyway! There was no need to push her into it. She also says that you should battle Prinplup again--he may be training at this very second!

When you go up the chairlift, you don't have to battle Prinplup like Froslass said, but if you do the only difference will be he has 4 HP.

The Frozen Mamoswine

Head back to the lake, where Froslass will be next to Glalie. Talk to her, and she will go and freeze the lake with her Blizzard, which she says is a piece of cake. She notes that she rhymes, but hastily goes back to what she needs to do.

The effect of the Blizzard is immediate. As soon as the ice touches the water, it freezes, and the coldness spreads. Froslass is very proud of her work, although you don't know how to thaw Mamoswine. She says you should just keep dashing into Mamoswine, until he finally breaks out.

Follow her instructions and head on to the frozen water, where you'll be cracking a frozen Mamoswine. Like Froslass said, keep on dashing to Mamoswine until he finally breaks. Then, Mamoswine will be revived!

Talk to him. When you ask him to go and open Empoleon's door, he says yes, and the two of you are automatically transported to the gate, with Piloswine watching his evolution. After two hits, the door should open. Head in!


Empoleon is very upset, since he was enjoying the peace and was alarmed when the door suddenly broke open. He's also very upset that you were somehow able to revive Mamoswine, who is the only one who can open the door.

When you try to deliver the message Venusaur gave you, Empoleon ignores it and says Venusaur is just being cowardly, and that if you want him to listen to you, you'll have to complete his Attraction, Empoleon's Snow Slide. However, there's once more a Pokémon that doubts you--since you can't slide!

Right on cue, Piplup comes to confront his evolution, saying he could slide with skill.

Empoleon says something called Steel Will, which never breaks due to trust, but it still doesn't make much sense. All right...he goes and lets Piplup play his Attraction!

Empoleon's Snow Slide

This is a bit like Gyarados' Aqua Dash, as you have to tilt the Wii Remote left and right depending on where you want to go, as well as going through flags to make you faster--however, you do not use 2 to power up how fast you go. Also like Aqua Dash, you have to avoid things--Carvanha and Sharpedo for Aqua Dash, and icicles for Snow Slide.

This is the only Attraction in the Iceberg Zone.

Pokémon who can Play

Pokémon Time for Bonus
Pikachu Pikachu* 0:58.00 seconds
Teddiursa Teddiursa 0:59.00 seconds
Magikarp Magikarp 1:00.00 seconds
Empoleon Empoleon 0:45.00 seconds
Glaceon Glaceon 0:46.00 seconds
Blastoise Blastoise 0:47.00 seconds
Glalie Glalie 0:48.00 seconds
Lapras Lapras 0:49.00 seconds
Delibird Delibird 0:50.00 seconds
Piloswine Piloswine 0:51.00 seconds
Prinplup Prinplup 0:52.00 seconds
Squirtle Squirtle 0:53.00 seconds
Piplup Piplup 0:54.00 seconds
Quagsire Quagsire 0:55.50 seconds
Spheal Spheal 0:57.00 seconds
Suicune Suicune 0:40.00 seconds

After you complete this, Empoleon and Piplup will get happy, although Empoleon mentions all you care about is records, not Steel Will--but never mind that, here's your fifth Sky Prism Piece!

You were brought one step closer into reuniting the PokéPark by gathering this Prism Piece. Empoleon says that he, Venusaur, and Blaziken will all reunite the PokéPark! As for now, however, head back to the Meeting Place.

Available Pokémon

This is the list of Pokémon you can befriend in this zone.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
362 Glalie In front of the lake just downhill from Empoleon's lair. Battle Must help him build his igloo and retrieve Froslass before challenging him. 007 Squirtle Around the Ice Tree. (Place 1 decoration on the Ice Tree) Battle
478 Froslass On an icy shore below Prinplup's chairlift. (Moves to Glalie's igloo once befriended) Battle 238 Smoochum Around the Ice Tree. (Place 2 decorations on the Ice Tree) Battle
221 Piloswine In front of Empoleon's lair. Battle 215 Sneasel On the hill leading up to Empoleon's lair. (Place 3 decorations on the Ice Tree) Chase
473 Mamoswine On the frozen lake Battle 394 Prinplup Next to Prinplup's Chairlift. Battle Complete decorating the Ice Tree to challenge him.
216 Teddiursa Around Glalie's igloo. Quiz or Chase 395 Empoleon In his lair None Automatically befriends the player once they complete Empoleon's Snow Slide

217 Ursaring Around Glalie's igloo. (Give Glalie 2 blocks of ice.) Battle 396 Starly Flying around the Ice Tree. Chase
281 Kirlia Beneath the Ice Tree None Complete decorating the Ice Tree to befriend her. 397 Staravia Flying around the glacier. Battle
363 Spheal Along the shore where Lapras is stationed Chase 276 Taillow Flying around the glacier. Chase
195 Quagsire On the shore below Prinplup's Chairlift None Bring a Big Berry to befriend Quagsire. 278 Wingull On the shore below Prinplup's Chairlift. Chase
471 Glaceon By a tree next to the Drifblim Stop. Chase Obtain 45 friends. 098 Krabby Walking along the shore where Lapras is stationed. Chase
224 Octillery Around the Ice Tree; Around Glalie's igloo; On the shore below Prinplup's Chairlift. Battle 258 Mudkip Around Glalie's Igloo. (Befriend Azurill) Hide-and-Seek
225 Delibird Around the Ice Tree. Quiz Can challenge once the Ice Tree is completed. 245 Suicune Empoleon's Snow Slide None. Suicune is unlocked once every Pokémon has achieved the bonus in Empoleon's Snow Slide.
057 Primeape On the hill leading up to Empoleon's lair. (Finish Glalie's igloo and win five skill games in the Iceberg Zone) Battle

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