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Meeting Place つどいのひろば
The Meeting Plaza
Meeting Place
Zone Info
Zone Leader None
Drifblim Stop Next to the tree house
Area Info
Area Keeper
Drifblim Stop
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{{{area2}}} None
{{{area3}}} None
Connecting Zones
Meadow Zone
Beach Zone
Cavern Zone
Haunted Zone
Granite Zone
Sky Pavilion

The place where you power up and learn stuff, as well as gain access to photos and traveling with Drifblim. Chikorita is also here, making a Treehouse by a huge tree. Many Pokémon will be here to help you, including Chatot, who is there in every zone to give you some tips.

Every time you visit a new zone, the Treehouse will get bigger.

Notable Features

Misdreavus' Stall

Here is where the player can get a camera. The camera has 30 film in it. Misdreavus will go and ask you to take a photo by pressing 1. Take a random photo of anything and show it to Misdreavus, who likes it. You can also delete photos. If the player has an SD card, they may transfer these photos and put it on the computer.

Drifblim's Stall

Wherever there is a Drifblim stall, on the map it will be marked as a red rectangle. The price becomes lower as you continually ride it; 20 berries for the first fee, 10 berries for the second, and free when it becomes your best friend. In order to access Drifblim in every zone, you need to go to the Berry Sign and press 2 on it, so a Drifblim will appear.

Here is the locations where Drifblim can be found:

Drifblim Stop locations
Meadow Zone On the island between the bridges
Beach Zone Near the shore on the far left side of the map
Iceberg Zone Near the icicle tree and Prinplup's chairlift
Cavern Zone In front of the hot spring
Lava Zone In front of the furnace
Haunted Zone On the bridge near the entrance to the zone
Granite Zone In front of Flygon's gate
Flower Zone On a small ledge near the dais

Pokémon Tutors

Pokémon appear to train you throughout the game as you unlock more zones. You'll have to pay an increasing amount of berries as you get stronger, however.


Electabuzz is here to train your Thunderbolt. Doing this makes it reach farther, more powerful, and more accurate.


Bibarel is here to train your HP, the highest point being 5 sections.


Primeape teaches you how to use Iron Tail, despite having no visible tail. Shake the Wii Remote to use it (however, it can only be used in battle). It becomes stronger with every session.


Ponyta makes you faster, and after visiting the Lava Zone, will teach you Double Dash for free.

Available Pokémon

A variety of Pokémon can appear here, depending on what zone you visited. Additionally, Pokémon will gradually appear in Chikorita's Treehouse.


Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
412 Burmy In the tree house None Is befriended automatically after speaking to him.
439 Mime Jr. In the tree house None Is befriended automatically after speaking to him.
426 Drifblim Next to the tree house None Is befriended automatically after using him to travel three times.


Pokémon Notes Pokémon Notes
152 Chikorita (challenges player to a quiz once Mew is befriended) 133 Eevee
393 Piplup 125 Electabuzz Thunderbolt Tutor
004 Charmander 077 Ponyta Dash Tutor
360 Wynaut 400 Bibarel Stamina Tutor
396 Starly 057 Primeape Iron Tail Tutor
427 Buneary 270 Lotad Guard to the Meadow Zone
162 Furret 341 Corphish Guard to the Beach Zone
255 Torchic 408 Cranidos Guard to Cavern Zone
406 Budew 355 Duskull Guard to Haunted Zone
216 Teddiursa 451 Skorupi Guard to Granite Zone
447 Riolu 200 Misdreavus Owner of the Photo shop
052 Meowth 063 Abra

To open the Beach Zone, talk to Corphish. He'll open the gate because he is worried about Empoleon, and wants you to send the message Venusaur gave you.

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