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Flower Zone フラワーゾーン
Flower Zone
Flower Zone
Zone Info
Zone Leader Rayquaza
Drifblim Stop On a small ledge near the dais
Area Info
Area Keeper
Drifblim Stop
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{{{area2}}} None
{{{area3}}} None
Connecting Zones
Granite Zone
Second connected zone
Third connected zone
Fourth connected zone
Fifth connected zone
Sixth connected zone

A very pretty zone with many cherished Pokémon. Many Pokémon here have never seen a visitor, or have never seen their family, as they were instead transported here.

Once the player comes in, a Bellossom, who is very happy to see a visitor. She says that, since you're headed to the Sky Pavilion, you'll need to talk to a Shaymin, who knows the way there. Follow her instructions and talk to Shaymin, who comments that she knows the way there, however since the mirror on the dais fell off due to recent earthquakes, it is impossible to get there. Since you also don't have all of the Sky Prism pieces yet, you'll have to get one from the Attraction chief in the Flower Zone, which is Rayquaza. Due to the mirror falling off, Rayquaza has left and will only come back when the mirror summons him.

However, the mirror is seen to be seen--at the top of the Treehouse in the Meeting Place! Shaymin would have gotten it, but it is very busy at the moment and can't, so it asks you to go and get it for it.

When you go back to the Meeting Place, Charmander says something about seeing something shiny at the top of the treehouse. Use this hint and go all the way up to the top, where you'll see the mirror, a bit shaped like a hexagon. Once you pick up the mirror, you'll get transported back to the Flower Zone.


The dais is next to a Mareep, so go to her. She's very upset about the mirror being gone, and that's the only way to summon Rayquaza. Rayquaza is also very important is he guards the Flower Zone from Pokémon who are not chosen to enter the Sky Pavilion, making it feel unsafe.

After completing this dialogue, she lets you go off. In order to put the mirror on the dais, press 2 on it. This will cause Mareep to get very happy as now Rayquaza is going to be summoned once the mirror does its job. Suddenly, a white beam of light shoots out of the mirror, which Mareep says is to summon Rayquaza. Sure enough, Rayquaza gets down from the skies.

Rayquaza's Balloon Panic

Rayquaza looks at you for a minute, then realizes you are allowed to go to the Sky Pavilion. However, there is one more test left that will allow you to complete the set of the missing Sky Prism Pieces--his Attraction, which is called Rayquaza's Balloon Panic!

As the last Attraction, it is slightly hard. You'll control your character by moving the Wii Remote left or right; you can jump into hoops by pressing 2. You'll also have to avoid many Voltorb and Electrode, since if you hit them, it will subtract your points by 300. The hoops score differently depending on the color; yellow scores 100, red scores 300, and rainbow scores 1000.

Once you complete the body of Rayquaza, you'll be directed to point your Wii Remote at the TV screen. Press A to shoot attacks at the targets, which again, like the hoops, score differently depending on the color; blue scores 100, red scores 300, and gold scores 2000. However, if your attacks is not in the center of the target, the score will be halved. Watch out for targets that have X-es on them, however; like Voltorb and Electrode, they will subtract your points by 300.

Pokémon who can Play

Pokémon Points for Bonus
Pikachu Pikachu 15,000
Deoxys Deoxys 54,000
Lucario Lucario 45,000
Glaceon Glaceon 42,000
Luxray Luxray 40,000
Flygon Flygon 16,000
Mamoswine Mamoswine 34,000
Infernape Infernape 33,000
Floatzel Floatzel 32,000
Gliscor Gliscor 12,000
Rhyperior Rhyperior 29,000
Absol Absol 28,000
Breloom Breloom 27,000
Mareep Mareep 24,000
Cyndaquil Cyndaquil 23,000
Totodile Totodile 22,000
Chikorita Chikorita 20,000
Mime Jr. Mime Jr. 17,000

The Final Sky Prism Piece

Upon completing this Attraction, you'll get the final Sky Prism Piece, which is key in order to get to the Sky Pavilion. Rayquaza is very proud of you and tells you to go and talk to Shaymin.

The Gracidea Flower

Follow his orders and talk to Shaymin, who finds out that you have the final Sky Prism Piece and gets very happy. It says it would guide you to the Sky Pavilion, however it can't change its Forme at the moment, since the gracidea flower isn't bloomed. Apparently, Bellossom has a watering can that can water flowers.

The Wonderful Watering Can

Since Bellossom has it, go find Bellossom. Bellossom gets very happy again, especially when hearing you are going to make a flower bloom. However, once you explain to her that since you don't have any watering can, you can't make the flower bloom.

Instead of Bellossom having a mood swing, she gets cheerful and says she has just the thing for dilemmas like that--the Wonderful Watering Can! She says she found it in the Beach Zone the other day, and that it's perfect for planting flowers.

Now that you've got that on your hands (literally) go back to Shaymin, who'll comment that's just the thing needed to plant gracideas. Press 2 on the flowers, which makes Pikachu begin to water the plants. Once that happens, it starts to grow...

Off to the Sky Pavilion!

When it's fully grown, Shaymin will get happy, though it wonders how you're going to get to the Sky Pavilion without any sign of flying. You may have edged your way out of a flying Attraction once, but that was because you had Flying friends with you. Now what are used supposed to do?

Shaymin then suddenly sees something in the sky, so it changes its Forme in order to look.

Just then, Piplup, Chikorita, and Charmander are all inside the Pikachu hot air balloon, waving at you. They will land near you and you'll get in, Shaymin leading the way.

So this is're really going to the Sky Pavilion!

Available Pokémon

This is a list of Pokémon you can befriend in this zone.

Pokémon Location Skill game Notes Pokémon Location Skill game Notes
182 Bellossom In the flower bed surrounding Shaymin. None Bring Bellossom a bouquet of flowers to befriend her. 448 Lucario Near the flower beds. Chase
406 Budew Around the dais. None Automatically befriends the player when spoken to. 384 Rayquaza Next to Rayquaza's Balloon Panic. None Automatically befriends the player after they have completed Rayquaza's Balloon Panic.
188 Skiploom Around the dais. None Automatically befriends the player when spoken to. 307 Meditite Near the flower beds. Battle
155 Cyndaquil Near the flower beds. Chase 162 Furret Near the flower beds. Hide-and-Seek
179 Mareep In front of the dais Chase Return the mirror to the dais to challenge Mareep. 216 Teddiursa Near the flower beds. Quiz
149 Dragonite Flying around the dais Chase

386 Deoxys Rayquaza's Balloon Panic None Deoxys is unlocked once every Pokémon has achieved the bonus in Rayquaza's Balloon Panic.

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