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Expedition announcement

The next day, Chatot will announce the expedition for the rest of the guild's apprentices. Everyone is excited for it, your partner especially. When you climb to the next floor though, you'll see two familiar faces. Looking at the job board are Koffing and Zubat, the same two crooks that stole your partner's Relic Fragment earlier in the game. They talk like they are very strong, and try to persuade your partner to quit the guild's training. When your partner retaliates about them being so weak, you and he/she beat them, they say it was because their "Chief" wasn't there. Also mentioned was the expedition, which will put a major effect on a later part of the game. Just then, the two smell him coming. Coming to the floor is a Skuntank, who quickly creates a horrible stench, knocking you out. He tells your partner to move, lest they end up like you. He talks to Zubat and Koffing, and they mention that even though the jobs don't pay much, the guild is preparing an expedition, and leave. Today is like a normal day, do some missions to try to raise your rank.

Unexpected twist

The next day, shortly after the briefing, something weird happens. Chatot announces that Team Skull will be joining the guild for the expedition. To make sure good relations are kept, they will also be living at the guild. Again, today do some missions, and try to raise your levels too, you're going to need it. That night, Team Skull raids the food stock of the guild.

Another new area

The morning after Team Skull raids the food stock, Chatot comes to you with a mission: replenish the Perfect Apple stock. You might not think this is really important, but it is. They are Wigglytuff's favorite food, and if he doesn't get his filling of Perfect Apples, things of unspeakable horribleness will happen. To get them, you'll need to go through Apple Woods. Unbeknownst to you and your partner, Team Skull was listening to everything, and is going to pull some tricks on you.

Apple Woods

Apple Woods is 12 floors, with a lot of Grass and Bug-type Pokémon, so if you are a Fire-type Pokémon or your partner is, you'll be fine. If not, the best thing to do is go back to Mt. Bristle, recruit a Starly, and train it to about level 10.


Pokémon Floors Levels Recruit Rate
Caterpie (Pokémon) Caterpie 1-4 10 8.2%
Hoppip (Pokémon) Hoppip 1-5 11 8.2%
Budew (Pokémon) Budew 1-5 11-12 8.2%
Burmy (Pokémon) Burmy
Sandy Cloak
1-5 D 11 8.2%
Oddish (Pokémon) Oddish 1-6 11-12 8.2%
Butterfree (Pokémon) Butterfree 1-7 T 14-17 5.5%
Paras (Pokémon) Paras 1-12 11-13 8.2%
Weedle (Pokémon) Weedle 4-9 12 8.2%
Exeggutor (Pokémon) Exeggutor 4-12 12 0.5%
Kakuna (Pokémon) Kakuna 6-12 14 5%
Beedrill (Pokémon) Beedrill 6-12 D 11-12 5%
Gloom (Pokémon) Gloom 6-12 12-13 0.1%
Combee (Pokémon) Combee 6-12 T 6-12 6.4%

Once you finish, you'll wonder how to get those apples down from the big tree carrying them. Team Skull suddenly comes out of the tree, and jumps down. They show a way to get the apples down, but your partner doesn't buy it, and thinks it's a trick. Turns out, they're right. However, Skuntank and Koffing unleash their gas combo, knocking you, your, partner, and Zubat unconscious. When you wake up, all the perfect apples are gone! Zubat becomes conscious again, and runs away. You have to report to Chatot the bad news.


When you tell Chatot, he is extremely mad. He doesn't even listen to the explanation. As punishment, you and your partner get no dinner tonight. After dinner, you also have to listen to Chatot tell Wigglytuff that there are no Perfect Apples. When this is done, Wigglytuff starts crying, which starts a big earthquake! It stops when Team Skull brings a Perfect Apple. Chatot thanks them. You later find out they only did it to gain the trust of Wigglytuff. That night, your partner is angry at Team Skull. However, because you're both hungry, you go to sleep very soon.

Croagunk's Swap Shop

The next day, Chatot tells you to not expect going on the expedition. Shortly after, Bidoof calls you over. It turns out many of the guild members saved part of their dinner to give you! You both get an apple each. They also tell you that you still have a change of going on the expedition. After this, Croagunk calls you over. He tells you about Croagunk's Swap Shop. Using it, you can swap rare items you have with someone else in Treasure Town.

Dinner delay

After completing some missions, Chatot announces that the expedition members will be announced tomorrow. Everyone is at first angered that he delays dinner, but then delighted that the members of the expedition will be announced after a long time. Dinner then goes as usual. Later, your partner says that they are nervous, because even though they might be picked, they still didn't get the Perfect Apples. Later, right before falling asleep, you notice how you haven't been getting dizzy spells recently. Meanwhile, somewhere else, a thief steals another Time Gear.

Expedition members

The next morning, as Chatot said, the guild members to be picked on the expedition will be announced. At first, it doesn't look like you are picked, but, written on the memo, was everyone else who didn't get called. This time around, it looks like everyone is coming! It's now time to prepare. You might want to stock up on Reviver Seeds, just in case, as well as Stun Seeds and Sleep Seeds. Oran Berries would help too. You, however, can't bring anyone other than you and your partner.


It turns out you'll be exploring Fogbound Lake, where there are rumors about treasure being there! Due to the immense distance between the guild and Fogbound Lake, you'll be making some stops in between, and are divided into a group with Bidoof. The next chapter will have the journey to the expedition as well as the expedition itself.

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